WOW! What a Weekend!!!

November 21st, 2011

Happy Monday!  We had quite the eventful weekend here!  If you read my last post, then you are aware that we had an appointment for someone to come meet Roger on Saturday and most likely take him home.  Friday was Curt’s day off and I swear all we did all day was discuss Roger and what we should do.  In the afternoon we ran some errands that included buying some toys and food to go with Roger.  Each purchase we made seemed to stab at our hearts.  And we recognized that each day Tessa seemed to get along a bit better with Roger and maybe it would indeed be ok.  We questioned if perhaps God really meant Roger for us, in the way that I am absolutley certain that He intended Tessa for us.  Finally aorund 7:30 pm, Curt uttered the fateful words “I think we should keep him.”  I called and cancelled the appointment.

So…please welcome Roger Dog Sibley!!

You might notice his tag.  🙂  On Saturday, we bought him a new collar and a tag with his name and our phone numbers on it.  We also bought him a bed.  We took him to the vet for a check up and to get his shots started.  The vet believes he is between 1 and 1 1/2 years old and gave him a clean bill of health.  He seems quite happy to be staying.  And Tessa seems pretty ok with it too…except when Roger wants my attention when she is in my lap…LOL!

So…ok everyone…now you can say “I told you so!”  Gosh that was an agonizing and emotionally exhausting week!

That was Friday and Saturday…now on to Sunday!  I was registered to take a Configurations Class at the Inspiration Emporium Warehouse in Anaheim on Sunday afternoon.  Although I was excited about the class, truth be told, I didn’t really want to go when it came right down to it.  I had to rush to get there from church, it was pouring down rain, and I was tired and just wanted to chill with the pups.  But, boy oh boy am I ever glad I went.  IT WAS A BLAST and I am beyond thrilled with the outcome of my project.  Here are several photos –

Michelle Fowler was an incredible instructor and I look forward to taking more classes from her in the future.  It had been so long since I had taken a class, I almost didn’t know how to act.  LOL!  Here are some close ups –


Yes, that’s a little Tim Holtz birdcage with a sprig of holly inside and a vintage Monopoly piece!  Here I am with the teacher, Chelle.

And here I am with friends Rachel Stzonyk (fellow TE Sketch Crew Member) and, of course, owner of Inspiration Emporium the sweet Joy Kennedy.

I think the class was scheduled for 3 hours, but we were there for 5 hours.  It was the fastest 5 hours EVER!  Can’t remember when I have had so much fun crafting. And of course the photos just don’t do it justice.  I would highly recommend everyone get a Configurations box, some Tissue Tape and 12 x 12 papers and try one of these!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my eventful weekend!  We have a short week ahead with tons to do, and then hopfully some fun and relaxation over the holiday weekend.  I hope you’re having a great Monday!

10 Responses to “WOW! What a Weekend!!!”

  1. Wanda G (stampcat) Says:

    What an awesome post Jami! Welcome to Roger! He looks quite pleased with himself…I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing all along! hee hee. So glad you kept him and I just have the feeling he will bring you lots of joy! Your project is phenomenal!!! WOWOWOW! Thanks for posting all the detail pictures – it’s all so yummy! I am dying to meet Rachel! Looks like you guys had the best time. Have a blessed Thanksgiving my friend! 🙂

  2. Karen Notz Says:

    Yay yay YAY!!!! I’m SO glad you’re keeping Roger! I never said it, but secretly I was hoping you’d keep him because I knew he’d be in a good home that way! Gotta love those six fateful words Curt uttered. 🙂

  3. Lisa Hjulberg Says:

    I definitely believe Roger is a gift from God, no doubt about it! And as pack animals, Tessa and he will eventually become inseparable.

    Love love love the compilations project. I hope to go next time!


  4. Kira Says:

    I can’t wait to meet Roger 🙂

  5. Lori Craig Says:

    OK – Roger is adorable. Like Kira, I can’t wait to meet him. Although…I really felt all along that you’d keep him. 🙂 Your project is darling. I’m a tinsy bit green with envy over that and you look FABULOUS. Can’t wait to hug you!!! I know Tessa will come around very quickly – probably already has. Hugs!

  6. Caz Says:

    I am so pleased Roger is staying with you. It was meant to be 🙂


  7. Judy Gudeman Says:

    Oh–thank you for keeping Roger. I was loving the posts of his progress! Bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. <3

  8. Judy Miller Says:

    It’s great that you decided to keep Roger. We fostered dogs and have four of our own. They learn to get along. Plus they entertain themselves. I think one dog alone is not good because they become isolated unless they are around other dogs on a regular basis.

  9. Colleen Says:

    Roger’s a keeper. So are his new “parents”. Congratulations all ’round.

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