Halloween Hot Dog!

October 31st, 2009

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend and Halloween!  Personally I’m not really into Halloween.  Curt and I used to always go to a movie until he got into helping a friend with his crazy haunted house the past few years.  I did intend to create that Halloween card I had in my head for yesterday, but I had the opportunity to help in the kitchen at church for a memorial service today so I didn’t get any stamping done.  I do however have photos of Tessa in her Halloween costume as promised!



Yep  – she’s a hot dog!



She’s really been a good sport about having her costume put on her whenever we’ve had friends over the last couple of weeks, but I think she got a little tired of the whole thing during our photo session this morning.  LOL!  I’m actually getting ready to put it on her one more time to take her over to visit Curt at our friends’ scary house.


R.B was begging to have his photo taken when I was working with Tessa this morning (he kept saying “HI!” and blowing kisses) so, although he and Beaker don’t have costumes, I snapped a couple of quick pics of them to share with you as well….


R.B. (short for Red Bird) our Green Wing Macaw



Beaker our Red Fronted Macaw

(he plucks some so he’s partially nekkid, but I still think he’s beautiful!)


So that’s our whole flock…yes we consider Tessa part of *the flock* since the birds were here loooong before her!  OK – I’m off to take her trick or treating.  LOL!


8 Responses to “Halloween Hot Dog!”

  1. Jodi Says:

    OH NO WAY! Seriously Jami, she is SO super cute…good enough to eat (sorry…I had to say it!!). What a good sport she is!!!!!

  2. waterpixie Says:

    Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!

    Love Tessa in her costume! And I love seeing your pretty birds!

    We didn’t end up dressing Sammy. I ran out of time. I’ll have to budget my time better for next year!

  3. loricraig Says:

    Oh Jami…this cracked me up. Hey sweet Tessa. 🙂 Happy Halloween…

  4. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    Oh my goodness Jami. I’m seriously laughing here. Tessa is so cute in that costume; and those birds are so silly.

  5. Sharon Harnist Says:

    LOL … OMGosh, Tessa is hilariously adorable!! I HAVE to show the girls this — they will flip!! Loved seeing the birds — they are beautiful!! Too funny that RB wanted his picture taken, too!

  6. Donna Baker Says:

    LOL! I love Tessa’s costumer, too cute! your birds are gorgeous!

  7. Lisa Hjulberg Says:

    Your hot dog is hilarious! And your birds are beautiful!

  8. Karen Motz Says:

    Oh Jami…Tessa is the cutest hot dog ever!!! And I LOVE your birds…oh my…they’re GORGEOUS!!!!

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