Chihuahua Anyone?

May 23rd, 2009

It’s been another incredibly busy week.  I even missed the TECC yesterday.  Curt is one of the people in charge of a Car Show at our church tomorrow afternoon.  If you’re in SoCal please stop by Bethel Grace Baptist Church – 10:30 for service and 12:00 for the Car Show which will include free hot dog, a bounce house for the kids, a live band and over 20 custom. exotic and vintage cars.

So tonight while working on a bunch of last minute details for tomorrow, our doorbell rang.  It was a soccer mom – we live just two doors down from a school where the field is used for soccer on the weekends.  Another lady at the field had found a little dog, but they were all here from out of town and couldn’t take the dog with them.  Plus we figured the dog was from the neighborhood somewhere….so I volunteered to take her to try to find her owner.  Like we didn’t have enough going on already.  *sigh*


She’s adorable and sweet as can be to me, but she growls as men – including Curt.  She’s fairly clean and has a pink collar, but no tags.  One of the soccer moms had already taken her down to the vet hospital (just half a block away) to check for a chip, but no.


We managed to get some signs up around the neighborhood and we stopped and bought some dog food.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with her while we’re at the Car Show tomorrow.  I sure hope her owners see one of our signs and call soon.  No way can we manage a dog right now and it would break my heart to take her to a shelter.  Please pray that we are able to locate her owners who must be missing this sweet little thing!

If you want to stop by the Car Show Sunday afternoon, we’d love to have you…info here.


Hope you’re having a wonderful long weekend.  I hope to do some stamping on Monday.  Wondering if I can stamp with a little dog in my lap????

13 Responses to “Chihuahua Anyone?”

  1. Dawn Easton Says:

    Oh my gosh Jami, she is sweet isn’t she?! I hope you are able to find the owner soon too! You’ve done what you can and you should feel good about it. If you do have to take her to the shelter it’s because it was the last step you could take.

    Hope the car show goes well and you have a wonderful day today!!

  2. Crafty Math Chick Says:

    OH NO! I hope her owner contacts you soon!! Thank you for your help trying to find her home. I hope there is a non-kill shelter in your area if no one does ( might help you locate some rescues & shelters in your area!)

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  3. savorthejourney Says:

    Oh Jami!! I’m too far away! She is so lucky to have you with her right now. What a break she has in temporary care of you & Curt! I’ll be praying .. starting now! Oh please may she find her home or an appropriate loving home!


  4. Kittie Says:

    I hope you can find her owner but she looks awfully cute in your arms, too. Maybe this was meant to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    She’s so cute! Hope the owner contacts you soon. Wonder if she growls at men because she was abused by one? Just a thought. Let us know how the stamping goes with a dog in your lap. I’ve had to get used to trying to stamp with a cat in my lap and it does get interesting.

  6. Jenn Says:

    Oh, Jami, she’s CUTE! Hope the car show went well and that the pup finds her way to her owner. . . even they’re not the owners who lost her. Our Marly was like that, too, and it took months for her to NOT growl and bark at men! (((hugs))), my friend!

  7. Gail S. Says:

    I’m a dog lover. I’m so hoping you find her owner! Please don’t take her to a shelter. As I type my Yorkie is on my lap, he stamps with me, sleeps with us, follows me around all day etc. Pets are so much company and fun too! I sure hope her owner finds you.

  8. Barbara V Says:

    Uh oh, Jami…I think this adorable dog found YOU…not the other way around! Hopefully she has loving responsible owners who will find her through your signs. If not….maybe new owners will find her.

  9. waterpixie Says:

    Come on, jump on the bandwagon!! LOL!!!!

    HUGS!!! You’re fabulous for all the effort you’ve put in to find her owner, I hope you know that!

  10. savorthejourney Says:

    How’s that cute little dog? Still at your address? Just checking!


  11. Sharon Harnist Says:

    Awww! Did you find her owners yet?

  12. loricraig Says:

    OK – so this is how Tessa came to the Sibley house. She’s a doll. I hope we can catch up this week – you wanna hope a plane and meet me in Dallas this week? Check priceline – wednesday to friday – you can do it! I know you can. 🙂

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