Birthday Mug

February 4th, 2009

bday-mug-jami-custom.jpgNo, really…does running late count as exercise?  LOL!  Today is my birthday and my wonderful cherished friend Darla took me out for dinner last night while Curt was away on a buisness trip.  When I opened her package and saw this mug I was seriously just about ROTFLMBO!!!!  It couldn’t be more perfect for me.  I read it out loud and then Darla said….”you should be in really good shape then!”  Bwahahahahahahhahaha!!!!

Just for the record, I’m mostly late in the mornings.  I do tend to run 5-10 minutes late at other times, but I’m not a 30 minutes late person…well, almost never.  *eye roll*

Since it’s my birthday I thought it would be fun to share the love and give away a birthday gift to one of my readers.  I have a shiny new $10 Gift Certificate to Taylored Expressions up for grabs.  *grin*  To be entered into the drawing simply leave a comment on this post telling me whether you are chronically late or always early…or if you’d rather not reveal that about yourself you can tell me what your favorite form of excercise is.  One comment per person please.  You have until Friday night 2/6 at 11pm Pacific to enter.  I’ll announce the winner sometime over the weekend.  (Please note: this particular gift certificate is for PRODUCT ONLY at TE and cannot be applied to shipping.)

As I had planned, I did some stamping in my PJs today.  The first thing I wanted to do was the SCS Sketch Challenge.


Stamps are TE Stamp a Sweet Impression – Love is Sweet and all paper/cardstock/ribbon is from the TE Valentine Key Ingredients pack (it’s sold out, but most of the pieces are available for individual purchase.) I used some punches and added some Kaiser Craft pearls.  The love Muffin’s liner is paper-pieced with coordinating dp.  Starting with a sketch is one of my favorite ways to stamp.

It’s been a really nice birthday so far.  Although Curt was out of town, he recorded himself singing Happy Birthday and playing guitar and it was in my e-mail in-box when I woke up this morning.  What a sweetheart!  I’ve had lots of fun birthday wishes from friends all day, our housekeepers came so I have a nice clean house, and I got some stamping done.  Curt is home now and I’ve got to run and get dressed now for a yummy seafood dinner out with my family.  I’m starving!  Thanks for stopping by!


52 Responses to “Birthday Mug”

  1. Robbie Rubala Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can’t believe I’m the first one. My favorite exercise is to walk. Be glad when the warm weather is back so I can go back to my morning walk every morning. 🙂


  2. Lori in KS Says:

    happy birthday! I’m usually an early bird. But, when it comes to my 2 teenage daughters they usually make us late.
    Lori in KS

  3. Gabriela Duclos Says:


    I am always early…. always. lol. I try not to be that early because I always hate being the first one that, not to mention that I always have to wait a looooooooooooong time for the other people to show up.

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to win this blog candy!!!

  4. Pegg Says:

    Happy Birthday! What a hilarious gift!! I hope you enjoyed your day…. I am usually early, just by a few minutes!

  5. Sharon Maranich Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jamie! Sounds like you had a great day.

    I am probably more “chronically late” than early. I always seem to think I can get places in record time & procrastinate getting ready!!

    Exercise? Ehhh, not so much!!

  6. Tandra Boyer Says:

    Hey Jami! Happy Birthday!
    Dang, I should have checked the SCSMania roster and seen it was your day today!!
    Hope it was fab, that mug is hysterical! Love it!

    So, I am chronically late, up to 15 minutes, and my fave form of excersize is actually running late and having to dash thru the grocery store shopping like a mad woman! Makes me sweat everytime! Thats cardio…right??? lol

    Great card! Love Taylors cuppies!

  7. Jennifer (jkincolorado) Says:

    I’m usually late. I try to be early but I’m usually just on time or a few minutes late. I’m working on being better 🙂 I love that mug! I’ve thought of buying it several times when I’ve been at Curves — it’s so ME!!

  8. Jennifer (jkincolorado) Says:

    This isn’t a second post, but I forgot to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Barbara in Bellflower Says:

    Hello Jami—-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!———What a sweet husband Curt is—–He’s a KEEPER———*I’m ALWAYS on time*

    Barbara in Bellflower

  10. Nelda Deakins Says:

    Happy Birthday, to a member of the great club of sisters that are always running late! I believe I’m a charter member! Had a teacher tell me that I “wasn’t the cow’s
    tail – but was the burr that gets on the end of the cow’s tale!” – that’s chronically late! Nelda in TN
    nelda mc765 @ charter .net

  11. charlotte Says:

    I’m almost always early but I had a friend who was always late – her philosophy was her destination was always a 15 minute drive away, no matter where it was.

  12. Donna Meeks Says:

    Jamie – Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a fun & relaxing day for you! I am always early / on-time. I come from a family of late people and just hated that growing up! I make it a point to be at least 15 minutes early wherever I do!

  13. Kathy Jackson Says:

    Happy Birthday – I hate to be late!! I’m always early! Love your blog!

  14. Barb S (FL) Says:

    I’m not ‘always’ late but I do have my moments of being late. I must say that the cup is absolutely fabulous. Here’s hoping your day is fabulous..
    Barb S

  15. kim howard Says:

    I tend to run late when I have the kids and hubby with me, but if they aren’t with me I’m usually early. My favorite form of exercise is probably playing the Wii right now.

    Great mug and Happy belated birthday!

  16. Sara Says:

    I tend to run early for everything sometimes too early except to work. For that I can’t seem to get there early. I don’t understand, just can’t seem to do it. Love your mug, I may need that for work…hehe.

  17. Janet Swofford Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Your love muffin card is so cute!
    I always seem to be running late. It drives my husband crazy because he’s always early. Oh,well, we’ve been married 28 1/2 years, so I guess we are doing okay.
    Inky hugs,

  18. Dee Says:

    I am always late even when I get up early. I drive my husband crazy as he always wants to be early.

  19. KellyRae Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Jami! I’m a chronic early person which makes my husband crazy because as I’m getting ready and pushing out the door, I’m stressing out the rest of the definitely chronic late household. They do say opposites attract though.

  20. Nancy P Says:

    Happy Birthday Jami!!! I’m usually “on-time” and if I’m late, it’s not my fault!!! And my favorite exercise is “jumping to conclusions”… Nancy P…

  21. Carol Scheevel Says:

    Well, here’s the deal… I SAY I’m early or on time, but if I were really truthful, I’m probably mostly 4 -5 minutes late, because I get stopped when I’m running out my door. If I think I have 10 minutes left before I need to leave to go somewhere, I fool myself into thinking I have time for “one more project” like stamp something, wash something, whatever! Then I make myself a few minutes late! Hate that!

  22. Kerry J. Says:

    Happy Belated birthday Jami!! Hmmm… well if I’m by myself, then I’m early. If I’m with my kids, then usually we’re right on time by the skin of our teeth!! I hate being late!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Liann M. Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday….well i am chronically late oh boy…but i love to walk…TFS..and have a great birthday week.

  24. Lavonne (tweetygirl) Says:

    happy birthday Jami! Love the mug–too cute! As for me, I’m usually early. For everything. Except for when I ‘m waiting for my husband. He’s not usually too bad. I get to tell people at church when we’re late it’s because of him! 🙂 Most of the women think that’s great.
    Please don’t include me for the certificate. My hubby says we’ve spent enough already this year. 🙁 Thanks anyway. Just had to comment.

  25. AnneBB Says:

    Hi Jami,

    Happy Birthday!!! I’m usually early. I hope you had a great day!!


  26. Christianne Marra Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jami! Although this is the first post I’ve made on your blog, I do check in almost every day to see your wonderful hand-stamped creations. I always find inspiration for my own projects.

    Typically, I am an early bird, but my boyfriend is always late, and it seems that lately (hah-hah) I’ve been adopting his more relaxed attitude in that department…although I do pride myself on arriving on time for work.

    I’m an avid runner, but I also love to walk, practice yoga and take power sculpting classes at the gym.

  27. Janet Hoffman Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Jami. Hope your dinner out was fsbulous!

    I am always on time or early…it is a curse. I make people nuts that are driving with me.

    Love the mug, need to get one for my sister…….she is among those that are always like 30 minutes or more LATE!

  28. Stephanie Smith Says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for including us in the celebration. I usually am an early bird at least 10 minutes early to everywhere I go.

  29. Gailanne Says:

    Sigh…I am usually late to everything. I think it’s because I dread the idea of wasting time waiting for something to happen! I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve had to apologize for not being on time…

  30. Jennifer Schmitt Says:

    Happy Birthday! What a hilarious mug. I am always, obsessively early. I hate being late, mostly because I don’t like to draw attention to myself. My favorite exercise is dipping. Grab chip, dip, eat repeat. 🙂


  31. Sharon Says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the mug-what do you mean, it doesn’t count?!?!?
    I am chronically late-a sad habit I developed since I’ve always been salaried and never had to punch a clock. But on the other hand, I never leave on time either.
    If I could swim everyday (not possible in WI, well it is, but not outside) I would be in heaven!

  32. Kenna Says:

    Happy Birthday! I am usually right on time. I have 3 kids and don’t think I could ever be an early person. I used to be early before number 3 came along – I hate being late. For now I will have to settle on arriving on time.

  33. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    Happy Birthday Jami!!!! Yes, running late does count as exercise!! I love that mug!! It’s perfect for my husband and definitely for me getting out the door to work. Otherwise, I’m usually early by 10min or so wherever I go. My DH used to have a hard time getting anywhere on time or close to it. Since he no longer drives now, when I’m driving him he’s on time to doctor’s appointments. When someone else drives him, he’s close to late again.

  34. {pam} Says:

    LMAO . . . on time for me is about 10 minutes late. my bf . . . on time is 1/2 hour early. let’ just say it has caused some problems . . . LOL!!!!!

    happy birthday!!!!

  35. Wendi Says:

    Happy Birthday! I think running late should count for exercise and maybe that is why I am overweight. I’m always on time!!

  36. Gail S. Says:

    I always try to be a few minutes early for something but my husband is one who is always running late! I even told him I was getting him personalized license plates that read 4evrl8 !!

  37. Gail S. Says:

    Yikes – I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday – it is my Mom’s birthday also!!!! Hope it was a great one!

  38. Debbie S Says:

    Happy Birthday. Early, late or on time. It depends on where I’ve got to be or if food is involved. But some of my friends swear I’ll be late to my own funeral. 🙂

  39. Marilynn aka APandi Says:

    Happy, happy birthday!
    As a mother of six grown children children I had to learn organization and this included being on time. I still have this thing about being on time!

  40. Sharon L. Says:


    Happy birthday! I feel as if you give us all a present every day sharing your wonderful creations and lively banter!

    My favorite exercise…that’s easy….lifting the telephone to my ear! My mouth gets plenty of exercise!


  41. Olivia M. Says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños, Jami! Love your blog!

    I am always late or just on time (:o); this of course drives my husband crazy since he’s always on time. Even when I’m early I find “something” to distract me just enough to delay my arrival. I promise myself every year that I’m going to work on it, but I revert back to my old habits too quickly. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Holly Says:

    Thanks for the (chance for a) birthday present on your birthday! I used to always be early…but now I have kids sometimes we are a few minutes late… (which I hate!) Hopw your day was happy…

  43. Laura N. Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I will admit to being chronically late…. but not REALLY late… just a couple minutes usually!

  44. Shannon Says:

    Chronically early! Get in a panic if I think I’m going to be late…what does that mean? Happy Birthday!

  45. Vicki Chrisman Says:

    Darling card Jami! It was so so great to get to meet you at CHA!!

  46. Courtney Says:

    Happy Birthday Jami… I hope you have a wonderful week. As you know it’s best to be born in the first week of February. All the special people are. lol

    I’m usually right on time to 5 min late. Unless its church bible study then I’m alway 10-15min late. Don’t ask why. But my goal is to be early but it never happens.

    Can’t wait to show you all the card making I’ve done. See you soon.



  47. JoAnn Burnham Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Jami. Hope you have the best ever. Love your cards, especially the springy one.

  48. Karen Sullivan (basketmom) Says:

    I usually manage to be right on time – but tend to go toward the early category. But I married a chronic late arriver so if I’m late – it’s his fault! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  49. LorieR Says:

    Oh! Hope I’m not too late to enter this blog candy drawing. (Does that give away the answer to my question?)

  50. Jenni King Says:

    Late Birthday wishes!! 🙂 Does that answer the question?? 😉 Dang, I should be in great shape!!! But sadly, no.

  51. Melissa Miller Says:

    I am usually on time but rarely early!

  52. Beautiful Russian Women : Says:

    my favorite birthday present is always stuff toy, i always give cute stuff toys to anyone i know that celebrates his/her birthd ,

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