Another Alex Video

September 21st, 2007

I just had to share one more video of Alex the African Grey.  This one is from Scientific American hosted by Alan Alda and it’s great to see how he interacts with Alex.  Also this video shows a bit more about how Alex was trained.  Take a minute to watch – I’m pretty sure this will make you smile.

I’m finally working on a post to show you the cards from my Holiday Mini Swap.  I’ll have it up in a day or two.  Tomorrow I’m hosting a few of my SCS stampin’ buddies for an afternoon of working on Christmas cards and such.  I hope I get a lot accomplished.  I have several batches (different designs) of Christmas cards started and in various stages.  I really want them finished by the end of October….uh…we’ll see.  I need 80-100 and I’m so not good with production stamping – that’s why I need a get-together to make me work on them!

It’s raining really hard here tonight and we even had a huge rolling clap of thunder – very cool, but so weird for this time of year.  Hope you have a teriffic weekend!

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  1. Ann Hilton Says:

    Thanks Jami for sharing these video’s of Alex. What a remarkable bird! I can only imagine the heartache his trainer must be feeling at the loss of him.

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