Red Kitchen Update

July 6th, 2009

WooHoo!  My kitchen is RED – a beautiful dark shade of red by Ralph Lauren called Hunting Coat Red.  The professional painters will paint the white trim when they come to do the rest of the interior next week, but here’s a photo so you can get an idea.


Do you see that my kitchen is mostly windows and doors and cabinets?  Tons of edges and cutting in.  My incredible friend Darla offered to come help me and honestly she did 3/4 of the painting.  On Monday we did the prep and put up a coat of tinted primer (pepto pink).  I had to go to work on Tuesday so on Wednesday we got the first two coats of red up by working till 9:30 pm.  On Thursday the 4th coat of red was finally finished around 6:oo pm and actually some of the edges required 5 coats.  Friday morning I just did some touch up on a few spots and got all the pastic down and put the frig and stove back.  *Phew* what a week!  We finished just in time to have some friends over for burgers Friday night.

I am so blessed and thankful for a friend willing to give so much time and hard work.  And it was HARD work!  I’m so excited with the results!  I’m now on the hunt for the perfect reproduction vintage fabric for curtains.  I want that 40’s farm house look since this really is a 40’s farm house.  I’ve ordered a few swatches from an on-line source, but of course I have something pretty specific in mind based on vintage linens I’ve seen in antique stores.  I’d love to find something with a bark cloth texture and a fruit and flower print that incorporates the red, yellow and blue.  We’ll see what I can find.  If anyone has any tips on fabric sources, please let me know!

July is Home Improvement Month here at the Sibleys.  Tomorrow night Curt has some friends coming over to help him rip up the carpet in the dining room/office to reveal the hardwood underneath.  Our plan is to just clean it up (if it isn’t too damaged) and then put a large rug down.  Thursday the draperies are being taken down to be cleaned and will be re-installed in about 2 weeks after the painting and carpet are complete.

 Of course in the midst of this, on Friday night I have my New Catty Kick Off Night.  So if you are coming, please excuse the state of the house.  We’re a work in progress!  😉  I need to get some stamping done today.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for hanging in with me through a stamping dry zone!