CHA Winter 2011 Los Angeles

February 11th, 2011

Hey there!  Friday night and I’m just waiting for the Rocket Scientist to get home from a business trip, so I thought I’d sit down and try to get some of my CHA photos posted for y’all.  I really didn’t see the whole show.  I felt like I saw everything until I got home and started realizing all the booths I somehow missed.  It’s a big show…even though it’s smaller than the first couple of years I attended…it’s still a BIG show!

Trends – the first thing I noticed was cabbage roses…lots of them…fresh updated versions of them, but cabbage roses all the same.  Maybe I noticed them because my first home (a one bedroom condo I bought as a single 20-something) was decorated in cabbage roses and it takes me back!  In any case, I was thrilled to see them in several paper lines.  The second thing I noticed was lots of forms and versions.  The overall thing I noticed – that made my heart happy – was a fresh version of vintage/shabby chic.  I am a shabby chic girl at heart even though my stamping hasn’t really reflected that in awhile…it’s something I’d like to get back to.  I don’t necessarily have photos of all those things, but that’s what struck me as we walked the show.

Ok –  I’ll try to keep the jabbering to a minimum and just show you some of the products I felt compelled to photograph. Click on any photo to see it larger.   Let’s start with paper collections.  Oh so many beautiful collections.  Here are just a few…

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the show was Girls Paperie.  They have 3 new lines (I’m not crazy about the one with the orange in it, but I love the other two.)

Isn’t it all just positively YUMMY?  And here I am with the make & take I did at the booth.  This was one of the few times I actually stopped for a make & take and I did it just because I wanted a little sample of this paper.  It was a really cute project too and I wa so proud of myself that I didn’t ruin it before I got home.  LOL!

My second favorte collection was probably 5 & Dime by October Afternoon.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a really good photo of it…here’s their display wall.  (Can I just say that as a card maker it drives me a little nuts when the paper manufacturers show almost all scrap layouts?  Sorry, just had to get that out. ahhh I feel better.)

I was excited to learn that friend and fellow Dirty Dozen Alum, Julia Stainton, has a line coming out with Lily Bee called Picket Fence.  Here it is:

Super cute, huh?  I was so intrigued at how she was able to work purple in with the more traditional red/blue Summer colors.  Here are 2 more lines from Lily Bee that are also cute:

Crate had 2 collections I really liked – Emma’s Shoppe and Portrait.

We’ve all been loving everything Echo Park does and they have 3 new collections on the horizon.  I have photos of 2 of them.  For the Record is my favorite – love it.  Summer Days is fun too.

And here’s some pretty stuff from Sassafrass. Notice the roses?  🙂

People have asked me what was new and exciting at the show.  There didn’t seem to be any really big innovations, but there were a few small new things that everyone seemed very excited about.  First were Glubers by Cosmo Cricket.  When I first saw them I thought they were silly, but after hearing buzz about them we went back the next day and did the make & Take with them.  As soon as we tried them we were in love.  Essentially they are just HUGE flat glue dots – perfect for making all sorts of large flowers from ribbon, fabric and paper…like the ones in these photos:

That’s the hem of a dress. Pretty cool, huh?  These will be a ton of fun to play with!  We made flowers from just tron strips of fabric in the M&T.

The next product innovation that I was over the moon about was also the thing that seemed to have the MOST buzz of the show – Nestabling by Want 2 Scrap.  These are rhinestones and pearls in shapes to match lots of the Spellbinders Nestabilities.

Can’t wait to get my hands on a bunch of these babies!

We were also really excited about Viva Decor Pearl Pens.  Somehow I didn’t get a photo of the actual product, but I did get some of the projects in the booth. They are washable on fabric and they make beautiful very round pearls.

You’ll hear a lot more about these when Taylor gets them in at the TE Store.  In fact she’ll be carrying almost all of the products I’ve shown you.  Some things start shipping this month and some things might be as long as April.  Hopefully you’ve already seen the fun acrylic frames by Darcie’s in the TE Store.  I just had to snap some photos of the incredibly cute samples in the Darcie’s booth.

Cute, huh??

One more really interesting product was a line of stamps from Germany from a company called LaBlanche.  The stamps are made from silicone rather than photo polymer and they are attached to a dense foam block.  The images are very detailed and artistic.  Very intriguing!

I’m not sure what happened, but I got very few people pictures.  I was shocked when I downloaded my photos…I could have sworn I took more, but I must have just posed for other people’s cameras!  LOL!  Here’s one of Taylor, Linda (Taylor’s mom), and me at We R Memory Keepers (makers of Cinch, Corner Chomper, Crop-a-dile) where they gave us these cute hats.  Unfortunately my eyes are half closed, but it’s the only photo I got of the 3 of us and this is who I spent almost the entire time with.

Taylor and I ran into Debbie Olson when we were at the Lily Bee booth.  She had come to chck out Julia’s line also.  I managed to get a quick pic snapped.  At 5’9″ I’m not used to being the short one!

And here I am at dinner Saturday night with Taylor and some of my California stamping pals – Rachel, Jen, Lisa, and Leann.

Survived another CHA!  Sorry it took me so long to share the photos.  Tell me what your CHA favorite is – either from the photos above or from other photos you’ve seen.  What are you excited about?

The Rocket Scientist has landed and should be home any minute, so I’m going to run.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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  1. Emily Says:

    Love the stuff you shared! I’m thinking I need to make a sign using that phrase “The Queen loves kisses”, from the owl frame, for my house! LOL!!!!

    I love those frames!!

    Wish I wasn’t so silly and thought to check for any non-CHA goer get togethers! 🙁

  2. Bev - Tex Gerard Says:

    No such thang as late, girl!! OMGosh! Thank goodness for your post.

    I avoided most things cyber during CHA week … except for emails! haha
    I’m so glad to see your pics & thoughts … I felt a bit tickled by our similar tastes in the color schemes of coming-up papers. GMTA for sure!

    Jami, it’s always a treat to see your pics …especially of SCS peeps & friends. To me, this is all one of the greatest blessings of our share love of papercrafts.

    Sweet week to you, Ms. Jami!

  3. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    Thanks for all of your pics Jami. Definitely saw some really, really awesome papers. I’m going to have to check into Julia’s line that’s for sure. At the risk of sounding dumb, what’s a cabbage rose?

  4. Hair Bow Girl Says:

    Love the pics!!! can’t wait to get my hands on some of that paper!!!

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