More City Backyard Wildlife

July 26th, 2010

Tessa on alert in our backyard this morning…


What is it Toodles?  What do you see in the avocado tree?


Ummm sweetie, little dogs can’t climb trees, no matter how high you jump!


What on earth is bothering you?  A cat?  No.  A squirrel!


A SQUIRREL????  We don’t have squirrels in Lakewood!  Oh my!  I guess we do NOW!  Tessa leave the squirrel alone! 

Yeah, like that worked…she refused to come in the house, just kept circling the tree and staring up.  I was quite surprised that she was not having a bark-fest.  After many tries I finally got her to come inside so Mr. Squirrel could scamper on his merry way. 

A squirrel sighting is big deal here…I realize many of my friends in other parts of the country are laughing at this city girl right now.  Laugh away!  I’m just taking joy in the little things!  😉

 Happy Monday to you!  🙂


5 Responses to “More City Backyard Wildlife”

  1. Jodi Collins Says:

    OK…I admit…I am laughing! Sorry girl!!! But wait…you have an avocado tree in your backyard? That is SO awesome!!!

  2. loricraig Says:

    You crack me up…. I sure do love you, girl… are the avacados ripe?

  3. savorthejourney Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes!
    Those pesky squirrels!
    They seem to “zone” in on our Granddoggie, Cooper, whenever he gets to stay a few days here. I get bunches of “giggles” when that happens, but haven’t had the foresight to have a camera at the ‘ready’ recently.
    GO, Tessa, GO!

    😉 Tex

  4. Traci Davis Says:

    Too cute! My dog loves to chase “bushy”s”. It’s the best form of exercise for him (and me because I’m the one that gets up and down to let him outside everytime a bushy runs across the fence or yard). He too will stand on two feet and “talk” to the squirrels up in the tree. I see great inspiration for a scrapbook page in your photos.

  5. Curto Says:

    I see great inspiration for a stamp set 🙂

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