Hummingbird Nest

June 10th, 2010

Happy Thursday!  How on earth did it get to be Thursday already?  Wow!  Yesterday I spent the whole day out shopping (Chico’s, Kohls, Macy’s, Old Navy) plus had a wonderful lunch with a friend.  I bought a bunch of stuff – so FUN!  I can’t remember the last time I spent a day shopping like that.

Today I wanted to share some photos of the hummingbird nest we have right outside our bathroom window.  Awhile back I opened the window and saw a tiny nest with a mama hummingbird sitting on it.   We kept checking and she kept sitting…for what seemed like forever.  We tried not to open the window too often as it disturbed mama.  Finally one day when Curt was in the backyard and he could see mama was not in the nest, he got close and looked in and saw 2 teensy-tiny fuzzballs just barely wiggling in the nest.hummingbird-nest-june-5-2010-custom.jpg Again we were careful not to open the window too often and to mostly keep our distance when were outside…but we have managed to snap a couple of photos as the babies have gotten a little bigger.

This first photo was taken on June 5th. Curt took it with our little point and shoot camera.  Of course it’s hard to get the sense of just how small this nest is in a photo.  See the 2 little beaks popping up?

Then on June 9th I was able to get this photo with our Canon Rebel.  It’s amazing how much bigger the babies have grown in just a few days!  Where in the first photo there was still some space in the nest, they are now very much jammed in there.  So cozy!

hummingbird-nest-june-9-custom.JPG I wonder how much longer it will be until they fly away.  We so want to watch them, but the nest is less than a foot from that window and we don’t want to startle them – especially at this crucial stage when they are so close to flying.  What a privilege, though, to witness this at such a short distance!

One more thing before I go.  I want to remind you to get signed up for the Taylored Expressions Blast From the Past Blog Hop.  If you have any TE stamp set released prior to March 2010 and if you have a blog, then you are eligible to play in the hop and be entered in a drawing to win the stamp set of your choice!  All you have to do is make a card and blog it according to the hop rules.  Here’s all the details:


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If you’ve already signed up that’s awesome!  But if you are a procrastinator like me (I just signed up a couple of days ago!) then do it RIGHT NOW while you are thinking about it.  It’s easy.  It’s FUN. You get to stamp!  You might win a free stamp set!  Why in the world wouldn’t you play?????


Above is a Mother’s Day card I created using Berries & Cherries and Fresh Flowers along with a Key Ingredients kit from last Summer.  This card appeared in a TE Newsletter last month, but I forgot to post it here.  This is an example of a card that would fit the Blog Hop rules.  🙂


Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my sample for the Taylored Expressions Sketch Challenge.  Have a great day!



5 Responses to “Hummingbird Nest”

  1. ChristineCreations Says:

    Oh Jami! HOW COOL on the baby hummingbirds! Such neat pictures!

    And I love the cheerfulness to your card too! Love how well the paper and stamp coordinate!

  2. Just Me 'n You Says:

    What wonderful pictures of the baby hummers. Wish I could get that close to mine. When I change the feeder today, I may see if I can get high enough to see into the nest.
    I like your card. It is so pretty and bright.

  3. savorthejourney Says:

    Oh my Goodness! Baby Hummers!!!!
    Here I was …. happily believing that I’ve been privileged to spy upon our annual Swallows, nesting on the interior of our front porch ‘eaves’! This is such a sweet & unexpected ‘viewing’, Jami!!!

    Fabbooo card … you never cease to inspire, sweet lady!


  4. Lisa Says:

    Cute card and great birdy photos!! Our neighbor told us we have a nest under our eaves on the side of the house. Haven’t seen any babies, just momma.

    Glad shopping went so well! Lunch was fun! 🙂

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