CHA Hangover!

January 28th, 2010

Wowzas – what a week it’s been!  Eight straight days of CHA related activities are over and today has been my day to just crash and crash hard!  It all started last Wednesday when TE Baker’s Dozen girls began arriving in  town.  Thursday there were even more arrivals and the booth set up for the Craft SuperShow.  Friday and Saturday I helped in the Taylored Expressions booth at the SuperShow as well as a couple of hours in the SCS booth for the TE Make & Take. 


(Taylor and me at the SCS M&T)


Our booth was constantly buzzing with shoppers and many many friends!  I was so thrilled to hear over and over again that the TE booth was one of the best at the show!  Taylor and her mom Linda did a fabulous job designing the booth.  We had a M&T going at all times (4 different ones throughout the weekend), rotating product demos, a prize drawing sign up and a busy busy cash register manned continually by Taylor’s husband Jon (that guy has incredible stamina – he never left the register either day!)


(Here is the TE Crew except we’re missing Sankari and Jackie. Starting with me in the back…Dawn, Linda, Jodi, Taylor, Jon, Karen M, Karen G.  Front row are Donna and Taylor’s friend Julianne.)

Sunday the CHA trade show opened and I have to say that we started that show a little dazed.  We walked and shopped there for 3 solid days and I can promise that the TE Store will have some awesome new products and incredible Key Ingredients Kits coming out in the next few months!  I didn’t take a lot of product photos this time, but I do have a number of people pics to share.  Honestly my very favorite part of CHA is connecting and reconnecting with people.  A few years ago before I found and became active on SCS I never could have imagined having so many wonderful friends spread all across the country – what a blessing!

The highlight of the week for me was finally meeting my crafting idol, Carol Duvall.  She has a new book out and it was featured at the Juikins booth.  I was beyond excited to have my picture taken with the divine Ms Duvall!


I still miss her show on HGTV, but I understand she may be starting production on a web show.  She was so sweet and gracious!  I told her that I was much more excited to meet her than to see Martha Stewart the year she was at CHA with her entourage!

Here are a couple more photos of the TE Crew.  Taylor had given each of us a custom apron for Christmas and they were fun to wear for the booth.  She picked the fabrics especially for each of our personalities and design styles.  She hit mine right on the head!


(Karen G, me, Jackie, Jodi, Karen M, Taylor

You might notice that we had a pastel day and a bright day.)



(Karen G, Dawn, Donna, Karen M, Jodi and me sitting on the couch in the SCS booth before things got started.  The SCS booth had a super cool conversation pit with chairs and sofa.)


(SCS Staff Jenn, Daven, Lori and Beate

– They had a green day and an orange day.)


(Bev Gerard {Tex} and Broni Holcomb stopped by the TE booth so Sankari and I had to get a photo with them.)


Daven actually did my TE Make & Take at the SCS booth.  🙂


It was so great to run into Julie Ebersole (JulieHRR) on the floor of the trade show.  I think Lori snapped this photo before we got posed and I just love it.  Hugs and smooches to you Jules!


So happy to spend a little time with Cindy Lawrence.  She was working for Our Craft Lounge.  Disappointed that I failed to get a photo of their darling booth.  I’m very excited about their upcoming release – lots of super cute stuff around the corner!


Joy and me.  Joy was the very first SCS friend that I ever met in real life.  I just LOVE that girl!  Joy and Daisy own eclectic Paperie and Joy also owns Our Craft Lounge with Cami and Kimberly.  Busy busy busy!


And here I am with sweet friends Lori and Jenn.  I have to say that this is my favorite photo of the week.  It just seems to ooze friendship. love and happiness!  Not to mention the wonderful bright colors and Lori’s insisted upon optimal high photographer angle!  LOL!


That is just a small sampling of photos for now.  Once I recover from CHA I hope to get back on a more regular blogging schedule.  I actually had a card to share before I left, but my blog was down for a few days and I couldn’t get my post to load.  I’ll try to get that posted in the next couple of days.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!



8 Responses to “CHA Hangover!”

  1. Dawn Easton Says:

    Oh Jami! Your pictures are AWESOME! I had forgotten about that big group shot of us in the TE booth on day one! So cute!! You are a DOLL!!! I felt like we could chat forever…you are so fun, loving and just too dang cute!

  2. JulieHRR Says:

    I’m so glad I got to squeeze you, chiquita! Made my heart so happy to see you again! *love you* Jules

  3. Heather Says:

    You met Carol Duvall! She’s my idol too! I’m so jealous!

  4. Susan Lankford Says:

    Such great photos…sweet and personal just like you! So thankful CHA opened up a show for consumers like me…It was awesome and yes, Taylor’s Place was the best!

  5. bronih Says:

    Such wonderful photos, Jami! I’m SO GLAD I finally got to meet you. I remember that you were one of the very first people to comment on my first cards at SCS! I had a blast hanging with you and Taylor’s girls at CHA! Hope we can see each other again soon!

  6. rose kerry Says:

    Fabulous pictures, they definitely need to be in a scrapbook for CHA 2010! Char and I had a great time at the TE booth and the SCS booth. So nice running into so many talented people!

  7. loricraig Says:

    love you, Jaminoe… you much.

  8. savorthejourney Says:

    Oh Jami!
    It was such a delight to have spent some sweet moments here & there with you! Next time, the time needs to be extended. You know you’re always welcome here as well!


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