jamis-spellbinder-mbb-custom-2.jpgToday I have the opportunity to participate with half of the Baker’s Dozen in a Taylored Expressions Center of Attention Product Spotlight.  When I say I *have the opportunity* I should say that I almost begged to be included since the product is something I absolutely LOVE!  We’re focusing our attention today on the Mini Binder Boxes from the TE Store.

Before these boxes came along I was struggling with various methods of storing unmounted stamps – both clear and rubber.  I just wasn’t completely happy with any of the methods I had tried.  For me, the Mini Binder Box was the BEST universal solution for my unmounted stamps.  Of course the TE stamps come on a full color panel ready to just slip into the box, but I was so happy that Taylor also has the plain panels available for purchase so I could easily store my other unmounted rubber AND my clear sets.   I find that I can get 4 panels in a box storing rubber on thick EZ foam and 6 panels in a box storing clear stamps.

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE!  The Mini Binder Box and plain storage panels are perfect for storing all shapes and sizes of Spellbinder’s dies!  Above you see my MBB customized for my Spellbinders and below you can see a close up of one of the panels with strips of adhesive magnets (available in rolls at Michael’s) to hold the dies..  I know how difficult it is to get the full concept of these boxes just through photos, so my hubby helped me make my very first video.  *GRIN* I hope you find it helpful.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the video and feel free to ask any questions you might have about the Mini Binder Boxes.

YouTube Preview Image

 ETA: And in honor of our Center of Attention product spotlight, the Mini Binder Box is an additional 15% off today and tomorrow (November 16-17) so don’t delay and pick yours up for just $8.46 each!

And now let’s check out what the rest of the girls have to say about the Mini Binder Box today:


  • Dawn Easton
  • Denise Marzec
  • Jackie Pedro
  • Karen Motz
  • Laurie Schmidlin
  • Sankari Wegman
  • Taylor Van Bruggen
  • And I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Nancy McKinney!  Huge HUGS to you, my UBER talented friend!!!

    And Happy Monday to everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!


    15 Responses to “Center of Attention Product Spotlight – Mini Binder Box”

    1. Donna Baker Says:

      genius to do a video, Jami! it’s a great visual!! Love your uses for the binder box

    2. Taylor Says:

      Your video is awesome, Jami! The next organizational project I’ll be tackling is switching my Spellbinders over to the Binder Box!!

    3. Jackie Pedro Says:

      AWESOME….AWESOME….AWESOME!! I am going to Michael’s to organize my Nesties now! Great video and love to see your smiling face!!

    4. Kathy Says:

      Great video, Jami! You are a natural for the camera….not a single uhm, uhm!!

    5. Jodi Says:

      WOWSA!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one FABULOUS idea…and I am TOTALLY doing this TONIGHT!! LOVE this Jami!!!

    6. Karen Motz Says:

      Fabulous video Jami!!! Are you sure it’s only your first video, I mean, you have your own production company, “Cute Doggie”. 🙂
      I’m just wondering why I’ve never thought of using the Mini Binder Box to store my clear stamps…duh! Thanks for enlightening me! 🙂

    7. Sharon Harnist Says:

      FABULOUS video, Jami!! Thanks so much for showing the die storeage — awesome idea!!

    8. patriciad Says:

      Genius! I was storing mine in cd cases with the same magnet idea, but I like this ever so much more

    9. waterpixie Says:

      Awesome job, Jami! I love little Tessa at the end! LOL!!

    10. denise (peanutbee) Says:

      Awesome video, Jami!! I always love seeing video tutorials!

    11. loricraig Says:

      oh good grief…. you are so good! great tutorial and what a cute doggie! 🙂 Hugs!

    12. Hayley Says:

      This is a lot better than how I store my nesties. I love it!

    13. Jamie Says:

      Awwesome video!! That’s sooo much better than CD cases!!! Love it:):)

    14. Rose Kerry Says:

      Loved your video. Wow, I’m headed over to TE to get my hands on some. You did a great demo.

    15. Carol Says:

      Yeah… you did it. Great job! And I agree with Kathy. As I was watching it, I couldn’t help but notice how prepared you were and no “uhm” or “uh’s” Woo Hoo! Good job Curt and Tessa too! Now if you’ll just hand over all your spellbinders, I’ll get me some boxes to put them in!

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