A Dress for Tessa

September 28th, 2009

Happy Day!  I accomplished all my must-do’s this morning and carved out the afternoon to stamp!  YEA!  Unfortunately I don’t have anything to share yet since everything I’ve done today features the new TE releases coming out this Saturday the 5th.  I’m super excited about this release…I absolutely ADORE these sets!  Sneak peeks begin Thursday from the Baker’s Dozen Design Team.

Although I don’t have any stamping to share I just had to show you the latest photos of Tessa.  Her Auntie Denise gave her a pink dress and I promised to share the photos.  You have to understand that Curt detests clothing on dogs and has forbidden it with the exception of a Halloween costume.  But he just couldn’t make me turn down a gift.  *GRIN*

I laughed so hard when I put this on her! It says Princess across the back.


Above was the best photo I could get of her.  She’s pretty squirmy when it comes to photos.  After many attempts, below is the look she gave me to say “enough is enough”.  LOL!




So, where do you stand on dogs wearing clothes?

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13 Responses to “A Dress for Tessa”

  1. Debra Says:

    How funny! I love that it says Princess on the back. Hee hee.

  2. Brenda Says:

    Well, won’t Curt look manly walking her in that! LOL.

    I think if you have a dog that small – wear it! I’d dress my dog, but she’s too big!

  3. Aubrey Says:

    Tessa is so stylish- I put Foxy in one of my dad’s socks with the toes cut off and two holes in front for her legs. She is always cold and needs it sometimes but I never was willing to dish out the dough to get her real clothes.

  4. dianne shiozaki Says:

    I Love it! My daughter doesn’t like it when I dress our doggie but ….oh well!

  5. waterpixie Says:

    LOL!!! So looks so cute!

    I’m neutral when it comes to putting clothes on dogs. Sammy does have a tie, but it’s like a collar, and he’ll have a little costume which is only a cape/jacket thing. He wears his backpack and sometimes people take that for clothes.

  6. Shelley Says:

    🙂 She is cute in her little outfit! hehe
    Well….my dog has more fur than body so clothes on him are all but irritating to him so we don’t put clothes on him. As for other dogs…to each his/her own!!

  7. Donna Baker Says:

    I think it makes me laugh! I am neutral. I wouldn’t do it but I think it’s pretty darn cute on your dog! I have to admit I’ve pretended with my dog, like put John’s shirt on her before. she looked cute too

  8. Diana Gibbs Says:

    Tessa is adorable. The secret to taking pics (I do it with Toby) is I set my camera to sport, then you hold down the picture taker button and it takes a bunch in a row, eventually you will get a great shot. Girl dogs are easier to dress, When I put Toby’s t-shirt on, we have to fold it up to go potty…if you catch my drift….ha!


  9. Alexis Hilgert Says:

    Oh my gosh that is tooooo cute!! I love pets in clothes!! I’ve decided that even the next CAT I get, I’m going to start dressing it up from a kitten. I’m evil. But I think they’ll get used to it…and some pets LIKE being dressed up. 🙂

  10. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    Oh my gosh Jami, she’s sooooo cute!! Tell Curt to get used to it. 🙂 We don’t dress our dog since she’s so freakin big, but Tessa will look cute in anything you put on her.

  11. Janet Hoffman Says:

    Hi Jami,

    I had the furriest of all dogs, which was a Chow…I couldn’t find clothes to fit her, so she had to settle for brightly colored bandanas! She would have loved a “Princess” dress!

  12. Curt Says:


  13. Karen Motz Says:

    Ok, that little dress is too stinkin’ cute! I’m kinda with Curt on this one but I do cave in winter and my Mini Schnauzer wears a coat on cold, windy days (but it’s a boy dog coat…not cute at all!). What’s she gonna be for Halloween???

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