In the SCS SU Demonstrator Forum there is a section for special Demo Challenges and one of those is called WICKED.  What does that mean?  According to the challenge description – in slang it means:
wonderful; great; masterful; deeply satisfying: He blows a wicked trumpet.
adverb Slang. very; really; totally: That shirt is wicked cool.

But here in the Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator world it means:
Wonderfully Inspiring Challenges Keep Educating Demos!

Each month the coordinators invite someone to be the WICKED Hostess and present some challenges and for June they invited ME!!!  How cool, huh?  I’m pretty excited!  If you are a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator please click here to view the challenges and PLEASE play along!  You have all month, but why wait?  I can’t share those challenges here, but I can share samples I made for them.  Here’s my first sample.


I love the way this card turned out!  I used Trendy Trees with Pink Pirouette, Kiwi Kiss, Riding Hood Red, Basic Black and white.  There’s dp from both Candy Lane and Sweet Slumber.  I used the swirly tree top to stamp tone on tone to create a background pattern on the pink panel.  For the trees I used my stamp-a-majig to first stamp the swirly top in pink and then slide it over just slightly and stamp again in RHR.  The one different tree is covered with little drops of crystal effects and then Dazzling Diamonds glitter.

Did you see my post a week ago about the little dog we found?  Wow – what a difference a week makes!  No one came forward to claim this little gem (yes we checked to be sure she’s not chipped, we put signs up, registered her on the web, etc.) and in the process we fell hard for her.  Yep, Curt and I are both head over heals in love with our little Tessa (short for The Contessa).  Friday night we went to Petco and bought her a bed (which she loves!), harness, leash, bowl and toy. I’m sure there will be a lot more purchases in the near future.  😉  I know I said she was a chihuahua in that other post, but the longer we have her, the more we doubt that.  I will be curious to see what the vet thinks when we take her in for a check up this week.  Do you have any guesses?


Although we have considered and looked at puppies over the past few years, there have been several reasons we had decided not to get a dog – the biggest of those being our two macaws and their fear of furry animals in the house.  Amazingly, they’ve done quite well with Tessa so that made it possible for us to consider keeping her.  She’s incredibly well-behaved – doesn’t get up on the couch when we are eating and is leaning quickly that she can’t be on the couch when we are holding one of the birds.  She’s playful, but can also sit in my lap for hours while I read a book or work on the computer!

I see God’s providential hand so much in the many circumstances that worked together to bring her to us…I could list on and on the many little details that had to have worked out just so for us to have been able to keep her.  I am so thankful and happy for this sweet unexpected blessing!

 Don’t forget that the Stampin’ Up! Last Chance Lists were released this morning – both stamp sets and accessories.  Some of the accessories are available at a discount and all accessories are only available while supplies last.  Stamp sets are available through the end of June.  Click here to check out the lists.

There is so much going on this week – my head is spinning.  Besides everything listed above Taylored Expressions is gearing up for a huge release on Friday and I have lots to do to make sure you get all the info you need.  Sneak Peeks begin on Wednesday, so be sure to stay tuned in to Taylor’s blog and also be sure you are subscribed to the TE newsletter (see the home page of the TE Store)!

Thanks for stopping by.  I plan to share another SUO sample tomorrow.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!



14 Responses to “I’m WICKED and I have a dog!”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Beautiful card design, colors, I love it!
    Adorable dog too. Dogs are sweet, hope the birds continue to be okay. My amazon parrot used to ride around on my dog, hanging onto her collar. The size ratio worked better in my case. Your birds are probably bigger than Tessa!

  2. diane (cookiestamper) Says:

    aw, cute puppy! and I love the card too!

  3. Tandra Boyer Says:

    Hi Jami!! Oh she is just TOOOO adorable!

    Well, from her coloring and wiry-kinda fur, I think she is a Jack Russel Terrier/Chihuahua mix!
    What a sweetie-I think she came looking for you!

  4. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    Cute card Jami. I’m so glad you and Curt kept Tessa. She looks so happy to have found a home and love with you. Give her a hug from our house too please.

  5. Kerney Whitman Says:

    I have returned to see what happened with that cute little pooch! So glad she found a great home…she’s a doll!

  6. pas Says:

    I wondered if you would be able to give up the doggie if she wasn’t claimed. They have a way of worming themselves into our hearts. Glad to see that things are working out for all or you. Love the card.

  7. Diana Gibbs Says:

    Love little Tessa, what a little princess, she is lucky to have found you.


  8. Linda Bullard Says:

    Oh Jami! I’m so excited that Tessa is there to stay! As I was reading this post, I thought “God works in mysterious ways” and then you said it yourself!!! One of my favorite quotes is: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
    ~Roger Caras Enjoy your new life! Linda

  9. denise (peanutbee) Says:

    Awwww, your puppy is so cute! Such a sweet face!

    Love your beautiful card too! When I read the title, I thought you were going to say you went to see the the broadway production, Wicked….and I was going to jump in and say my daughter and I just went to NYC on Sunday to see it (for the second time).

  10. Carole (TruCarMa) Says:

    Awww… when I first read about you finding Tessa, I thought “She’s gonna end up keeping her!” Just call me a prophet! Congrats on finding each other!!! (and your card is sweet, too!)

  11. Jenni King Says:

    Cute Pup!!! 🙂 What a great “find”!!! and a beautiful card, too!!

  12. Sharon Harnist Says:

    Jami, Tessa is adorable!! I’m so glad she gets along well with the birds and yes, I do think she was meant to be in your home!

  13. loricraig Says:

    Love the card, Jami! I was surprised to learn I actually had a Sale-A-Bration set coming to me after our 2 am chat last week. 🙂 I picked this set. Yeah!

  14. joyk Says:

    Seriously CUTE card! Tessa looks like a sweetie…………and how lucky she is to have found the right new home!

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