I’m finally back to share some pics from the wedding on Saturday.  Curt pulled the Model T in the backyard that morning and we decorated it with white tulle, ribbon and silk flowers.  He did an awesome job helping me.  I made a big “Just Married” sign, but unfortunately didn’t get any good pictures of it.

model-t-decorated-jami-june-08-custom.jpg  modelt-close-up-jami-june-08-medium.jpg

It was already 90 degrees in the shade that morning and it was over 100 at the outdoor reception after the wedding…but everyone was so happy for Donovan and Heather that it just didn’t matter.  Everyone was so crowded around the car as Curt drove off with them I had a hard time getting any good shots…

wedding-couple-june-08-jami-small.jpg   getaway-june-08-custom.jpg

For their wedding gift we decided to go with something non-traditional since they plan to eventually be overseas missionaries and didn’t want a lot of fancy stuff.  We got them gift certificates to two of our favorite restaurants.  I picked up menus too.  The dilemma then became how to wrap them.  I ended up making a folio out of 12×12 cardstock.  I had been told the wedding colors were turquoise and navy so that’s the color scheme I used.  There must have been a miscommunication somewhere because the wedding was actually teal rather than turquoise, but the gift turned out cute I thought – especially considering I made the folio and card about an hour before I had to be at the church.

wedding-gift-jami-custom.jpg  wediing-card-jami-custom.jpg

I wrapped the folio in some tulle (left over from the car) and then made a simple little 3×3 card to attach.

And now it’s time for an ENABLER ALERT!  There’s just so much news to share!

First – be sure to head over to Taylored Expressions to see Taylor’s newest kit offering.  It’s so stinkin’ adorable!  I had the opportunity to see the cards in person and they are even cuter IRL!

Second – Have you seen Kittie’s new line of Rubbernecker stamps called “Cause a Scene”?  They are so cool and I am so happy for Kittie and this wonderful accomplishment.  Check out the details on her blog!  You too can make Kittie Cards now!

Third – I got this news from Debbie Olson’s blog – so you’ve all probably seen it already – just in case you haven’t been over there yet I thought you’d want to know about the big Inque Boutique sale this weekend – 20% off your entire order.  You can see Debbie’s post for the details.

Fourth and FORMOST – the new Elzybells UK on-line shop has opened.  I have a cart going and am just waiting for a friend (you know who you are) to get back to me with her final list.  Shipping charges are not as bad as I had anticipated and if you share an order with some friends it’s even better.  I’m so anxious to get some of these larger images in my hands to play with!  You must go check them out – CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Happy Shopping and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Debra Says:

    The car looks sooo cool! I love what you did for a gift. And i love how you put it together.

  2. savorthejourney Says:

    Sweetheart Jami …
    This is just NOT FAIR to share so much enabler info in ONE blog post!! Sheesh, Missy! Even the Tex of Grammy’s cannot keep up with your many marvelous enbablers here! Give a gullible friend a break! LOL

    Everything looks beyond marvelous! Honestly! Now … it appears that there are ‘choices’ to be made! hahahah


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  4. leslierich Says:

    I love the way the car looks! What a cool get away car! I can’t believe you made the folio and card so fast. Amazing and they turned out so pretty!!

  5. Jen Says:

    What a cool car to drive off in! Great gift idea too!

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