Final Blogiversary Give Away

February 23rd, 2008

Are you having a good weekend?  Curt is gone on a camping trip with the guys.  I miss him, but I took a friend to lunch today for her birthday and enjoyed just lingering and chatting for a few hours.  Yesterday when I was out running errands I remembered that I had been wanting to stop by Michael’s to try and find the *generic dew drops* that Lauren mentioned on her blog awhile back.  I was glad she specified to look on an end cap in the silk floral department or I never would have found them.  I got two packages – one blue (caribbean and sky) and one pink (pretty in pink and pomegranate).  I just had to make a card with them last night and chose a color combo of Soft Sky (textured cardstock base) with Gable Green and Cool Caribbean.


I’ve had this retired hostess SU set (Sidekick Sayings) since the end of the last catty and hadn’t inked it yet.  I love all three of the sentiments in the set and this one just seemed suited to the color combo I had already chosen.  I decided to go with a 3″ x 6″ card size and stamped the base with an image from Embrace Life in Cool Caribbean.  The main image was stamped in black on whsiper white and then watercolored with *highlights*.  Some polka dot grosgrain ribbon and stickles finished off the main image which was mounted on foam tape.  The dew drops and some piercing were the final touches to this simple card.  I like it so much that I’m thinking I might use the Christmas sentiment from this set to make a set of 10 or 20 Christmas cards similar to this.

Today caps off my week long One Year Blogiversary Celebration and I have one last Give-Away for you as a thank you for visiting my blog and sharing my journey.


This prize package includes:

  • Pink Glitter Alphabet Stickers (like the ones I used on the baby package in the post below)
  • Me & My Big Ideas embellishment kit including some awesome bling flowers
  • EK Success Vellum Stickers – Pretty Floral
  • Mini Flower Punch (one of my personal favorites)
  • Two sample packs of *generic dew drops* in blues and pinks
  • Stampin’ Up! Build-a-Brad set in pewter (if you don’t have this you NEED it!)
  • Card – as described above

To be entered into this drawing please follow these directions carefully:

**Tell me your post # – if the person before you did not indicate a post number then simply look back to the last person to give a post number and take the next number after that.  Anyone not indicating a post number will not be in the drawing

**Tell me your name in your post

**Post a comment and tell me honestly – do you spend more time stamping or blog hopping and SCS lurking?  How much time do you think your generally spend stamping each week?

One post per person for this drawing – you are welcome to enter this drawing even if you entered the ones earlier this week.  Posts for this drawing will close Tuesday 2/26 at 6:00am Pacific time and the winner will be announced sometime Wednesday.  Good luck!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

172 Responses to “Final Blogiversary Give Away”

  1. Denise Says:

    #1 I think. Love the card. My name is Denise…and I spend more time blog surfing than stamping :c( I stamp about four hours a week. Maybe more. Maybe I should keep a log? I thought about trying to find those adorable little pebbles. I guess I should…or maybe I could win them!!!!

  2. Jackie Says:

    #2 – I love that card, too! My name is Jackie and honestly, I do spend more time blog hopping and SCS lurking than stamping. I keep collecting more stuff to stamp with and I need to get to it! Happy Blog Anniversary!

  3. Hilmarose Says:

    #3 Beautiful Card!!! Wish I had those stamps! My name is Hilma aka Hilmarose,
    Anyway, Honestly I spend very little time stamping since I just started really making cards, am a single mom on a tight budget and I have so few stamps (I have some $1 ones)… I spend a lot of time surfing blogs for inspiration…. a few hours a day at least!

  4. Doris Says:

    #4 Nice card. I spend more time looking at blogs then SCS – probably at least an hour a day. I ran into stampers block after having to do some huge projects so I haven’t been stamping much lately. I do look at the blogs for inspiration.


  5. Sheri Coleman Says:

    #5 – Sheri Coleman 😉 – I think I spend way more time blog hopping, unfortunately. Right now I don’t have a stamping area, so I have to pull everything out that I want, lug it to the kitchen table, get it all set up, figure out what I want to do, start creating, run back to the office for the perfect sentiment stamp that I forgot, or the binder with my clear stamps in it, or my basket of ribbon, or……. you get the picture. Then I have to pack it all up and put it all away when I’m done. So, I only stamp when I have a large block of time, a serious need for a special card, or a need for a large amount of cards (thank you cards for my recent birthday). Like Martin, I have a dream, a dream that one day, I can stamp happily, in peace, uninterupted, in a little corner of the office, any time my little heart desires…….

  6. Jannica Says:

    #6 – My name is Jannica. I sure spend more time blog hopping and SCS lurking than stamping! I probably spend about 8 hours a week stamping and more if i have swaps to complete. = )

  7. Cat Says:

    #7 – I’m Cat
    Jami – very sweet card! i just love the penguins from yesterday too 🙂 i wish i spent more time stamping, but it seems i blog-hop more than i should. i’m lucky to stamp eight hours a month — need to figure out a way to do that more 🙂

  8. peggy Says:

    #8 Peggy, HI, I spend more time looking at everyone elses designs then I actually do making any. I am just starting….trying to soak it all in, learning, and I love your site!

  9. Karen O Says:

    I pro spend more time blog-reading; but, partly because I can read in between tasks at work- if I could stamp and scrapbook instead, I think I prob would 😛

  10. Chris Says:

    Hi there……..I should be #10. Chris McCarthy here from little ol’ Nova Scotia, Canada.
    I do a lot of Blog reading. I only wish that I spent as time creating in my stamp room. On average I would say that I spend about 20 hours a week stamping. Stamping is not my life…..CRAFTING is. I do many. Oh so many………LOL

  11. Cheryl Sims Says:

    Good Morning!! I am #11 and my name is Cheryl Sims. To be honest with you, I spend way too much time blurfing!! I have google reader and have 150 blogs that I read. I enjoy every moment of it and get some terrific ideas. Congrats on your anniversary and thank you for the terrific prizes.
    Cheryl Sims

  12. Janet Says:

    #12 Janet P. Hi Jami! I spend way more time blog hopping than stamping. With two little ones at home and no stamp room with a door, its hard to find a time to get all my stuff out and not have little fingers into it. I stamp about once a week during naptime. Thanks for the great blog candy offer and happy blogaversary!

  13. Heather F Says:

    Hi! I’m lucky #13. My name is Heather F. I spend much more time on the computer, blog hoping and chatting on SCS than I do stamping. One of these days, that will change, right? 😉 Happy blogaversary!

  14. Nancy Says:

    #14 – In order of time spend, it would have to be in this order: SCS, blogs, and then stampin’… I know I’m bad, but it’s so much fun to see what everyone else is doing!!! Nancy…

  15. Trish D Says:

    #15 – To be honest, I do spend more time blurfing than stamping, but I’ve been making a point to spend less time online and I’m definitely getting more stamping done now. I don’t really have a daily average (with 2 young kids, it’s hard to have a “set” time) but I’d say I probably spend about 5 hours each week getting creative – not as much as I’d like 🙂

  16. Lorie Says:

    #16. Hi my name is Lorie and I’m a blog hopper! I spend way to much time hopping around to different blogs and not enough time stamping…just ask my husband! Honestly, I’m not sure how much time I spend actually stamping but I’d guess it would probably equal out to an hour a day. Your blogiversary has been fun! Thanks!

  17. Lynn Brown Says:

    #17. My name is Lynn & I’m a blog hopper and SCS lurker. I spend way too much time on blogs and not enough time stamping. I spend maybe a few hours a week stamping & scrapbooking. Congrats on your blogiversary!

  18. Pesc Says:

    #18. My name is Pascale and I’M afraid I may pass more time blogsurfing then stamping! How bad is that!?! I may pass at least 3 hours a week stamping. Happy blog anniversery!

  19. Cathy Says:

    Hello, my name is Cathy coming from Cleveland, MO. It seems like I have been surfin more lately then being creative.:( I’m in the processing of moving, so it’s hard to be creative. I try to stamp daily and sometimes that’s all I do. 🙂 So I would have to say on a bad week I will stamp 10 hours and on a good week it is way over 10. Congrats on your Blogiversay. You sure know how to celebrate with your readers with all the sweet goodies you have shared with us.
    Thanks for a chance.
    [email protected]

  20. Mary Dawn Says:

    #20, lucky number twenty! My name is Mary Dawn and i’m mostly a blog hopper/SCS lurker from Kentucky…I organized all of my card making stuff last night so i’m hoping to find the time to make some beautiful things today, if the children cooperate and both take naps 🙂 Thanks for sharing your bounty with us…and happy blogiversary.

  21. pegg Says:

    #21 Congrats on your anniversary! I definitely spend more time surfing blogs and SCS then stamping! I think I really love to see beautiful things people are making… they are always more beautiful then what I can make! 😉 I probably spend a couple hours stamps — mostly during the weekend when I have time!

  22. Donna Meeks Says:

    POst #22 – Congrats on your anniversary – what a milestone! I spend a fair amount of time on both stamping and blog hopping; but actually do spend slightly more time stamping!!! ~ Donna Meeks

  23. HB Says:

    #22 Hi Jami! This card is BEAUTIFUL!
    I spend more time blog hopping than stamping during the week because my day job is very analytical and it’s hard to transition to the creative side of my brain. But, come the weekend, watch out babee cuz the ink and rubber starts flying! lol
    Carol Halvorson (HB)

  24. Beth Jacobs Says:

    post 23…. congrats on your anniversary… love your blog.. I spend more time on blogs and Scs than stamping… I try to stamp every day…. probably 8-10 a week.

  25. Cindy Keery Says:

    #24 Happy Blogiversary! I spend more time “online stamping” than actual stamping. I probably spend about an hour a week stamping, or more if I have people over or go to a stamping event.

    Cindy Keery

  26. Mary Puskar Says:

    I do blog hop a lot but I count it as valuable time because I learn so much. I try to give stamping equal time but some weeks it’s not equal! Love to win!
    Mary Puskar

  27. Shelby Says:


    I definitely spend WAY more time blog hopping than I do stamping! Primarily because I can do it on my breaks at work, while I can’t stamp at work! Thanks for the chance to win SUCH an AMAZING giveaway!


  28. Anna Says:

    # 25 My name is Anna. Just now found your blog through stamping when I can. Yesterday I was at Michaels and saw these dew drops and thought, “I could use those for embellishments, may be I should get some”, but didn’t.

    Honestly, I spend more time on the internet than stamping. I may spend a couple of hours a week stamping and playing with my designs. It is not like I have buyers waiting in line to buy my creations 🙂

    Happy blogaversary!

  29. SmilynStef Says:

    Mine is about 50-50, although this week, I’ve been on the computer more … gotta get back in the studio.


  30. Anna Says:

    I guess we posted at the same time. I will take #26

  31. Jeanna Says:

    According to the post before me I’m #29. Love love love your blog and wow! what fun candy! I can just see all the possibilities in my head now! Hmmm….
    Anyhow, I usually spend most of my time blog hopping, but I’ve been really good this week and balanced it out with some actual stamping! Go figure! Anyhow, thanks for the fun candy and Happy Blogiversary!

  32. Sus Says:

    #32 My name is Susie. I definitely blog hop a lot more than card making…
    it’s just easier to reach for the laptop than taking out my supplies with a 19-month old who wants to shred all my stuff! Happy Blogaversary!!!

  33. Suzanne Says:

    #33 I definitely spend more time blog hopping and SCS browsing than creating. This is something I want to try to correct, but … Thanks for the opportunity to win some great candy!

  34. Linda Yama Says:

    #34 I am so addicted to both ,, have been for almost 20 years (to the stamping part anyway) but I do love this blog hopping! Thanks for offering such great candy! I didnt win the 270MILLION dollar lottery the other night,, maybe my odds are a bit better here. Love your blog 🙂

  35. Cheryl Curtis Says:

    #34 I spend about the same amount of time – I sit down in the a.m. and go through all my favorite blogs – the time spent at the creation table may not be as consistent, but more time is spent there when I am creating. I love your blog – thanks for sharing your ideas and talents!

  36. Alicia Says:

    #35 My time is pretty balanced between stamping and drooling over everyone’s blogs and SCS galleries! I have been stamping quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, as my stash has dwindled down. I have built it up again, and I have really enjoyed that! It’s so nice to keep up with all your activities through your blog, Jamie!

  37. Viv (VivLyn) Says:

    #36 – Vivian – I spend more time surfing blogs than I do stamping. I like getting ideas from everyone! Your card today is lovely!

  38. Christine Says:

    My name is Christine and I’m doing a much better job at blog hopping and lurking and PIF’ing images on SCS than I am at creating cards or scrapbooking. I did actually make a couple cards last night based on ideas I had seen from all the surfing, so it can’t be all that bad to blog hop!

  39. Debra Says:

    I think I am #38. And my name is Debra Daam. VERY cool card Jami!!! I love the watercoloring on the words. Love the dew drops and sparkle too. I am very guilty of spending more time online than stamping. I probably spend about 10 hours a week stamping.

  40. Robbie Rubala Says:

    #39 Congratulations on your milestone! I have to admit that lately I spend more time surfing the blogs. It used to be equal but my parttime job gets in my way now (and to think I retired to have more time to stamp :)! ). I think I need to work on that. I am off to make my card for my post tomorrow on my blog and my cards to send to my friends! Hey, mayb that will mean I spent more time stamping today!


  41. Patsy Mills Says:

    #39 Hi Jami, I’m Patsy & I just love your blog. I get a lot
    of inspiration from your site. Your creativity is truly a gift from God.
    Keep it coming!

  42. loricraig Says:

    #40 – Lori Craig – Mmmmmm, I definately spend more time on the computer than I do stamping. However, I’ve been in the car A LOT this weekend, and I have lots of sketches worked out. I’ve got lots of stamping to do in the next few days. 🙂 Congratulations, sweetie ~

  43. mudmaven Says:

    #40 – My name is Chris. Great blog! Congrats on one year! I think my time now is about split between blurfing and making. I’ve started to do some of the challenges and that has boosting my making time! Thanks!

  44. Nancy A Schnackenberg Says:

    #41 – Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m afraid I spend entirely too much time on the computer, but try to get some stamping in every couple days.
    NancyS (momsnack)

  45. Annelies Says:

    #42, I’m Annelies from Belgium. During the week I spend most time reading blogs. I don’t want to unpack all my stuff if I don’t have a lot of time for stamping. But in the weekends I’m more creative myself. I think I spend about 5 hours stamping and scrapbooking each weekend.

  46. Rae (RaeBobcat) Says:

    #43 Oh man, I am so busted…I have been spending way more time on SCS and blog hopping than I have been stamping. (I am hanging my head in shame now.) I am sure I am not the only one though! Ok, off to stamp…after just a quick peek on SCS. 😉

  47. Sheila Says:

    This card is BEAUTIFUL as is all your creations. I must admit that I spend more time browsing blogs and SCS than stamping or doing anything creative. Since I signed up with google reader I’m obsessed. All my spare time goes to the computer. It’s actually interferring with life. I think it’s now an addiction. Of course, the things that are now ignored and being neglected are things like cleaning & cooking. Maybe I should start looking at cooking blogs? LOL

  48. Sheila Says:

    Oh, oh…I’m 44. (I wish)

  49. Amanda Says:

    Amanda here. I love the card that you made. The sentiment is such a neat one. I spend about 2 hours a week blog reading and catching up on all my favorite blogs. Stamping and cardmaking take up about 2 hours a day if I get the time mostly it’s in the evening.

  50. Kelly Says:

    #49 Hi! My name is Kelly! To be honest, I spend more time blog hopping! I know, I know……

  51. JenMarie Says:

    Spend more time on blogs and SCS…but I get in bunches of stamping too!

  52. Kerry Fitzpatrick Says:

    I spend LOTS of time on blogs and stamp as often as the kitchen table is available. Plus I go to a Stamp Camp once a month that a dear friend of mine puts on. When my daughter moves to an apartment soon….I will change her room into my stamping room and I hope to have many many hours of sheer pleasure stamping away the hours. Right now, I have to hunt for my supplies and drag them to the table and then pack them up when I’m finished. ARGH!!!!!

  53. Sandy Says:

    I’m #52, and my name is Sandy. (This sounds like a Stampers Anonymous meeting, lol!)
    I do spend lots of time actually stamping…..probably, on a good week, 30-40 hours or so! I make cards for our soldiers at, and that keeps me motivated to keep going every evening after work and as much as I can on weekends too…love it! If i win, could I have the winnings sent to one of my cardmakers who’s challenged for supplies? I hope to help her out with cardmaking! Thanks!

  54. Michelle Says:

    That card is beautiful! Love those colors together!
    I go in spurts – sometimes I’m on the computer a lot, and sometimes I’m only on for a few minutes and then I hit the stamp table for a few hours. It seems to depend on the projects I’ve got going. If I need a lot of cards or gift items, I’ll stamp more, but if I’m involved in something online (right now it’s VSN), I’ll be on the computer more!

  55. Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen Says:

    #55 – Love the card!!! I spend more time stamping/scrapbooking. I do surf blogs, about an hour a day. I spend about 2 hours a day doing crafts. Thanks!

  56. Barb Barth Says:

    #56–Love that card. Congrats and thanks for the blog give a way week. I really spend too much time blog hopping. There are so many that I really don’t want to miss ergo too much time. I do attend a stamp a stack that I love. Let someone else design the cards for me. Thanks for all the great things you show on your blog.

  57. pjbstamper Says:

    If I type fast enough, I’m number 57. My name is Pam. I spend way more time blog watching seeing as I haven’t stamped in forever. Hopefully, that will change soon seeing as I’m cleaning my office today – well, I’m getting some of the cleaning done.

  58. Shelley Says:

    #58 ~ Shelley Cantrell ~ SCS and Blog surfing for sure….stamping so very little it is sad 🙁 Lately I only stamp when I am involved in a swap or away at Mom & Pop’s. So only a few hours a month if there is a Swap Nazi Swap 😉 ~ I LOVE your card Jami! I think Christmas cards like it would be beauiful!!

  59. Monika Thiessen Says:

    #59. Monika Thiessen. I probably spend a lot more time blog surfing then stampin. It is just easier right now, cause my 2 little girls always want to do crafts with me when I do something and it is kinda hard when they want to use all of your stuff and love to sit on your lab. I know they grow up so fast and then I will miss it. I probably only stamp about 2 hours a week.

  60. Jennifer Bradley Says:

    #60 – Jennifer – I definitely spend more time lurking on SCS than stamping – but surfing blogs is a close second. I created 4 projects this weekend – which is a lot for me! I am trying to do better!

  61. mnhyrkas Says:

    61-way more time surfing and commenting on blogs and in forums. On the average I’d say I do cardin’ stuff about an hour each day give or take.

  62. mnhyrkas Says:

    61 ammended to add my name 🙂 adelle

  63. Inky Paws Says:

    #63. I’m Inky Paws and shamefully I spend much more time chekcing out the blogs and SCS than stamping. I will go weeks without stamping, then stamp every available minute for days then no stamping for a while again.

    Thank you for posting such beautiful ideas and sharing them with us and thank you for the chance to win such amazing blog candy. Congrats on the one year anniversary!

  64. Swedie Says:

    #64 Okay, I confess, I do spend waaay too much time reading blogs. But they all have such cool crafts and inspiring ideas! Congratulations on your one year anniversary – hope your next year is even better.


  65. Robyn Beck Says:

    #65 Love the Card. I must confess to spending more time looking at blogs than stamping mainly because I look at them at work in my lunch break and also while waiting for my husband to pick me up at the end of each day from work. I would probably stamp about 10 hours a week. Love looking at your blog and getting great ideas.

  66. Lisa T. Says:

    #33. I’m Lisa – I probably do half-and-half although I blog hop more during the day when my daughter is awake because I can do it with her on my lap… You wanna stamp a lot? Join a ton of swaps – its kind of forced creativity but it works.

    Take care.

  67. Donna Baker Says:

    #66 – Donna. love your card. I think I spend more time stamping. I read blogs (Google Reader) every day because it’s a thing I can do quickly in lieu of breaks at work and while watching t.v. late at night with DH on my laptop. But I do spend a considerable time (about 2-3 hours each weeknight stamping – except Mondays I take off from all stamping and on the weekends at least 8 depending on what projects I have going on). No kiddos and DH plays video games while I do, so technically we’re still spending time together…no complaints for either of us!

  68. Christina Says:

    Post 67, my name is Christina. I definitely spend more time blog hopping and lurking cause I fit it into my day after work. I only really stamp a couple hours on my days off. Sometimes that is twice a week, sometimes I am busy on a day off, and I don’t stamp that week.

  69. Darlene L Says:

    #68 and my name is Darlene. I am a blog-aholoic. Just can’t seem to get enough some days. However I then hurry to my stamp area to try out new ideas. Don’t do much with SCS unless I just can’t think of an idea for a certain set. Darlene

  70. Deb Neerman Says:


    Hi there! I’m a huge blog-aholic … and I spend a LOT of time on SCS .. but I think I actually DO spend more time stamping than surfin’!

    Thanks for the chance to win some kewl blog candy!

    Deb Neerman
    [email protected]

  71. Kathi Says:

    #70 Kathi Ann (HYENA)

    I spend a lot more time blog hopping, lurking and post chatting than stamping! But I did stamp 3 3×3 cards this week and I used the build-a-brads. They’re my favorite……! Hahahaha! Wonder who said that first? I bet you know, Jami. 🙂

    Have a great week and Happy Blogiversary!

  72. Debra Ashpaugh Says:

    #71 Debra A.

    I spend way too much time blog hopping and not nearly enough time stamping. I go on the computer to find inspiration and hours later there’s no time left to stamp.
    Happy Year Anniversary!


  73. Elizabeth (FLMommyof2 on SCS) Says:

    #72 Congrats on your blogaversary! 🙂 I spend most of my time on SCS and looking at blogs. I can’t help it! LOL

  74. Lynn Says:

    #72 Lynn (justbehappy)SCS
    I would have to say that I spend way too much time blog hopping and leaving comments for people on their beautiful creations compaired to how much time I actually stamp. Normally I stamp about 10 to 13 hours a week, maybe less.
    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome blog candy!

    Your card with this candy is gorgeous, I love the saying and the colors with the dew drops!

  75. Pam Says:

    #73!! I spend about equal time reading blogs and making cards. Sometimes I come home from work and don’t have the energy to stamp then I just read blogs and get ideas. The next night all I want to do is stamp. I love both and thanks to wonderful people like you I have so many ideas to build off of!! Thanks

  76. Amy D Says:

    #74 I am spending more time blog hopping right now. It is such eye candy. I can’t knock the habit. I probably only get in a couple of hours a day. I have been working on organizing my mom’s photos so lately I haven’t had my hands in ink a whole lot. But when I get this project finished, I’ll have ink to my elbows!!

  77. Juanita Says:

    I spend more time lurking on blogs or SCS. I need ideas. Once I get that, I am a stampin fool

  78. C Burke Says:

    #76 I look at blogs and SCS quite often since I’m still learning about products and techniques. But, I’m getting to the point where I would rather be spending my time creating.

  79. Carol Scheevel Says:

    Post #79 according to the response count at the top of your entry.
    As you know, when I first started on SCS, I spent HOURS each day, and only a fraction of that time stamping, but it’s slowly getting more balanced. I spend about an even amount of time “lurking,” looking at a few blogs, and checking challenges and dirty girl stuff on SCS, and hopefully 3 -4 times per week get into my stamp room for at least an hour, maybe 2 if I’m lucky.
    Thanks Jami, for all the inspiration!
    Carol Scheevel

  80. Char- Says:

    post#80 (I will give you my full name if I win)

    As a new stamper I spend more time looking at other people’s work. I guess you could call me a blog hopper. I am starved for fresh and new ideas. I am sure over time it will work out to be the other way around.

  81. Tilda Says:

    My name is Tildamarie! I spend I would say equal amounts of blogging and computer time in gallery and tutorials …..Stamping , I probably spend about 10-15 hours a week on actually doing something with……Since I am a SAHM and my kids are in school most of the day that is when i get my stuff done. I LOVE coming to your blog tho~I visit about 3 times a week. Thanks!

  82. Jan Scholl Says:


    I be Jan. I have over 800 blogs in my Reader, so I surf that way. I never visit SCS-don’t like the drama there. I stamp when I can-but right now I have been on a cooking kick. So tonite, even tho I have the flu, I am making bread, a pot of soup, some quinoa/black bean salad and I just roaster a whole pumpkin for an Indian dish later this week. It smells delish in here. I will stamp when it snows on Tuesday as I wont be able to get out anyways.

  83. waterpixie Says:


    It’s me, Emily!

    Right now I spend more time stamping. I’m spending about 15 – 20 hours stamping a week. Sometimes there are times when I blog surf and SCS more than stamping, though. 😉

  84. Mary Campbell Says:

    # 84 Mary Campbell

    Please enter me in your give away.
    I love your card.I spend more time on the computer looking at other peoples cards than I spend in actually stamping time. I do get a lot of ideas and templates this way.

  85. Ilene B Says:

    #84 My name is Ilene and I have to say I spend more time looking and lurking than stamping! I look for some ideas and am just totally amazed at all of the talent out there! Only stamp a couple hours. Thanks for the chance to win, I would love to own some of those dew drops!

  86. Suzy H Says:

    #85 My name is Suzy and I spend more time stamping. I am obsessed! I love it 🙂 I give myself 15 minutes to browse blogs in the am and 15 at night. That is all I allow myself or I would get too obsessed with that lol….

  87. Barb T (scs btexpress) Says:

    #86 My name is Barb and since I work full time, I spend a lot of time web surfing blogs
    such as yours and of course SCS. I do stamp weekly, but not as often as I would like.
    Love your blog and the blog candy. Barb

  88. jenny4wheel Says:

    #87 My name is Jennifer and I spend more time stamping. But only because I schedule events so I HAVE to prepare for them! If not, I’m afraid I’d spend more time blog hopping. And my DH monopolized the ‘puter on the weekends! I couldn’t surf SCS if I wanted to! 🙂

  89. Donna Says:

    #87 Hi Jami! I’m Donna from Charlotte, NC. I do not like to put in print how much time, but…probably about 5.5 hrs blogging (with my coffee in the morning), and about the same stamping or scrapping. Since I work part time, and no kiddos at home any more, I’m blessed to have the time! Thanks for your generosity in offering these gifts!

  90. Donna Says:

    oops Jami, I guess I’m # 88- Looks like another submission went in while I was typing. Donna

  91. Jana M Says:

    #89 Hi Jami, I’m Jana from Kodiak, Alaska. I wish I could say I spend more time stamping, but even when stamping the computer in my stamp room is either sufrin’ blogs, or SCS.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  92. EmilyB Says:

    #90 I’m Emily from Franklin, Indiana. I (blushing) spend WAY more time surfin’ the web, checking out tons of blogs than I do stamping. I can honestly say that in a week (unless I’m preparing for a class) I don’t spend much more than an hour or two stamping. Oh, my, that is TERRIBLE!!! All these great supplies and I’m not using them! (psst—don’t tell my hubby! lol)

  93. Angie Says:

    #91. Hi Jami, I really spend more time right now blog hopping and SCS lurking because I just got off of recovery from surgery and just didn’t have it in me to stamp! I haven’t stamped in about 2 weeks so I guess every couple of weeks I might spend an hour or more!

    Have a good one.

  94. BarbyT Says:

    I am #91 I am from Arlington, Washington. We moved to Washington in September, and I love it here! I have to say that I do spend more time looking at SCS, and blog hopping to get ideas for great cards. There are a lot of great artists out there! I do love stamping and creating though.

  95. BarbyT Says:

    Oops, looks like I made a mistake, and I guess I am # 92, NOT 91! Sorry about that!

  96. Susan Hall Says:

    #93 Hi, I am Susan and I blog hop, on weekends I do most of my stamping. I love your cards. They are so awesom. I hope to be the lucky winner of this prize. Susan

  97. Kerry Says:

    Ok, I guess I am #93! I hate to admit it, but I do spend more time on the computer checking out other people’s creations than I do actually stamping. My last few projects have been huge ones (50 baby shower invitations, 60 baby thank-yous, 40 Valentine’s Day cards, etc.) Those all took a great deal of time, but they were assembly-line type projects. It has been weeks since I actually sat down and “played” with my stamps just for the heck of it. Guess I should go and do that, huh?

    Kerry Morgan

    PS Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy!

  98. Kerry Says:

    OK, change me to #94 please – I took so long to type up my comment, someone posted before I could!

    Kerry Morgan

  99. Linzi Says:


    Hi! I am Linzi Conners from Slidell, LA. I have to say honestly, I blog surf a lot more than I actually create–I blame it on being at work and blog surfing there, whereas if I was home, I’d actually be creating some. I probably surf blogs and go on SCS about 7 hours a week and then stamp about 4 hours a week, if I can find the time.

    Thanks so much for your candy…I hope I win!!

  100. Kheila Says:

    #96 Hi, my name is Kheila Kirwan and I’m from Nevada. I blog search and check out SCS every day, unless I am having trouble with my computer! I stamp at least 5 days a week…something even if I don’t complete a project. Thanks for the chance to win this blog candy. BTW, I love your blog.

  101. Teryl Says:

    #97. I’m ashamed to say I spend more time surfing than stamping–but I enjoy every minute of it. Great blog, Jami. Thanks for offering up the blog goodies.
    Teryl Zollinger

  102. diane mcvey Says:

    diane mcvey
    Honestly, I spend more time on the computer blog hopping than I do stamping! I am trying to NOT do that, I really am!!!
    I probably spend 6-10 hours a week stamping, but am increasing it all the time. I HAVE sent out more cards this year! That is my goal, so SEND more cards to cheer folks up!!!
    LOVE your blog, thanks for the great offering! 😀

  103. Denise Groves Says:


    Denise Groves

    I probably do more computer stuff than actual stamping. Once I get up to my room and get started then I am fine. It is just hard prying myself away from my laptop. I spend about 14 hours a week actually making things, but spend far more time on the computer…. where does the time go? I send out cards and make stuff for people all the time, so it really makes it worth my time. TFS. You are an inspiration!

  104. char Says:

    #100 – Like most of you, I spend more time blurfing – is there such a word? That’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning, but I enjoy it.

  105. Becky K Says:

    Okay, i might be #100. I have to say that I definitely used to spend more time on the computer “gathering inspiration” – LOL! – rather than actually creating. But since last fall, when I signed up to be a SU! demo, I am now more “focused” about actually making things. I will create to make projects for workshops or classes, or making thank you notes, etc. Jami, congrats again on a wonderful year of blogging!
    Becky K

  106. Becky K Says:

    hmmm….sorry, it looks like I am actually #101!
    Becky K

  107. Susan H Says:

    I love this card! The colors are just perfect together. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  108. Susan H Says:

    All I saw was the card and didn’t read any of the writing….I think that I’m number 102. Sorry about that. 🙁

  109. Claudia F. Says:

    #103 You have a very inspiring web site. I’d have to say it’s about 50/50 for stamping and blogging.
    [email protected]

  110. Sharon in NE Says:

    I must be #104. I stamp probably 5 hours/week, peruse probably 15 hours week. That’s not good. I need to flip flop that. 😀

    Sharon Nordhues

  111. CIndy Says:

    #111. My name is Cindy Royal….. and I am a blogoholic. I spend so much time on the blogs and then shopping where they direct me, that I haven’t made my first card yet. I plan on fixing that in the next couple of weeks (once all my supplies get here:) ) I absolutely love the creativity of all the various cards on these blogs and hope I will be able to do something at least similar. What would we ever do without the internet (besides get more done)? The world wide web has given us worldwide friends and resources never so easily available to us before.

  112. Barb g Says:

    Hi Jami, I am post number 105 and my name is Barb g. Without a doubt, I spend MUCH more time blog surfing and admiring most everyone’s creativity…wishing I could be as talented as so many of you. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Barb G

  113. Troy Louise Says:

    Hi Jami, I’m #206 & my name is Troy Louise. I love your blog, your work is so nice. Unfortunately, I do a lot of blog surfing because I work full time & can take a peek when I probably shouldn’t. But, I try to get a few hours a week stamping at night or on the weekends. Congrats on your blog anniversary. Keep up the great inspiration for all of us. XOX Troy Louise

  114. Regina Davis Says:

    I’m #114. I spent equal time surfing SCS and creating cards. I do most of my cardmaking over the weekend and SCS surfing during the week. Not sure why, but it just works that way.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some wonderful candy. I, too, went to Michael’s in search of these dew drops, but was unlucky.

    Happy Monday! – Regina Davis

  115. Debora Says:

    #107-Hi Jami! It’s Debora…I just couldn’t resist entering this one. 😉 I’m sure I spend more time browsing for ideas then I do actually stamping. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

  116. Kathie Tice (aka chattiekathie) Says:

    #108 – I spend WAY too much time on SCS and blog hopping – probably 2 hours a day. I only spend 2-4 hours a week stamping. I should reverse that, shouldn’t I?

  117. Wendy Says:


    It’s me Wendy…I love the card :-)…very nice coloring.

    I spend WAY more time blog hopping!! I love reading blogs and seeing peoples creations. I don’t spend as much time stamping as I should…I get frustrated easily so I have to do it when I have the time :-)…

  118. Tracy Says:


    I think I spend too much time blog surfing. It’s’ addicting!! What great candy. I meant to pick up some of those faux dew drops when I was at Target last time but forgot all about them! Thanks for offering up this cute candy.

  119. Norma Says:

    #119 I spend way too much time blog surfing and splitcoast lurking. I have a very small customer base, so I only spend time stamping right before an event which is usually monthly. So I might spend like 4 hours a week stamping. Never enough time for stamping because I”m too busy searching for neat new ideas. You got alot of great ideas and I love visiting your blog.

  120. Harriet Skelly Says:

    #120 I spend more time blog surfing than stamping! I spend about 8 hours a week stamping on a good week! I also am on SCS everyday for at least an hour if not more!
    Harriet Skelly

  121. Karen Pounds Says:

    #121 – Karen Pounds, I spend time looking at all of you girls who blog – y’all are soooo good! I also stamp, and some weeks, it depends on my work load as to whether I stamp as much as I check out the blogs!

  122. Jen w Says:

    I spend alot of time stamping lately. I just got a bunch of new ones so I am trying to use them to see what I can create.

  123. twinks Says:

    Hi, I’m Lynn (twinks on SCS). I spend more time blog hopping and lurking on SCS than actually putting ink to paper. I need to find some kind of balance but I so enjoy reading and learning new techniques. Happy Celebration indeedy! TFS!

  124. Catherine Says:

    #123, Catherine Martinez and spend most of my time blog hopping/SCS while at work (wink) and create when my daughter is in bed =)

  125. Janet Hoffman Says:

    #124 Janet Hoffman, Long Beach, CA I spend far too much time checking out blogs. I don’t have a creative bone in my body, so I check out the work of those who got their creative gene and mine too!

  126. Debbie Fisher Says:

    #124 (since the top says 123 responses and I’m now responding) Ü
    Debbie Fisher
    debbiedee on SCS
    I know I spend too much time on line. I would get soooo much more stamping done if I would stay off the computer!! I have no idea how much time I spend stamping a week. It really varies as I homeschool, so it depends on how cooperative Aaron is (he has learning difficulties and some days are MUCH longer than others Ü). I do try to stamp a little every day for my own sanity, so if I *need* to give an estimation to be entered I will say 7 hrs per week minimum.

  127. Kim Pebley Says:

    #125.. Kim Pebley is my name.. I love your blog and visit it regularly. I spend equal time stamping and SCS’ing…. I love to stamp. I also love to see what creativity is going on. Thanks for sharing your anniversary!!
    [email protected]

  128. Gail Says:

    #126 I’m Gail Weitzel. I have to admit I spend more time checking out new ideas on favourite blogs and stamping sites than I do actual stamping. My friends tease me that I’m a “collector” more than a “creator”…. I laugh and agree. I do love card-making.

  129. Melissa Caufield Says:

    #126…My name is Melissa Caufield and I have your blog saved on my favs. I visit as often as I can, but most times I spend only 2-3 evenings a week )2 hrs at a time usually) “blog surfing and SCS lurking” (I think that’s how you put it! LOL). I spend an equal amount of time lurking as I do stamping. I have just in the past 4 months actually gotten the ideas in my head to do MY OWN THINGS rather than case all the time. One night, I actually got out of bed and sketched out my idea that popped in my brain. It felt so create my own design that it got easier. I truly love to stamp and feel that creativity is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it so my advice to everyone is keep creating!!! It gets easier and ideas will pop out at you the more you use it. Congrats on your blogaversary and thanks for sharing so many goodies with us.

  130. Helen Reiters Says:

    #127 Hi my name is Helen Reiters. I must confess that I too spend lots of time blog hopping. I do however also spend lots of time making cards for family and friends. I put a lot of time and love into each card that I make as they are more of a gift than just a card containing a sentiment. I guess on average I would spend about 1 hour each day checking out blogs and another 5 or 6 hours creating cards and scrapbook pages.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us all. Happy anniversary and thank you so much for offering the lovely goodies. Hope I win!!

  131. Tanis Says:

    #128 I’m Tanis Palmer. I’d love to say that I spent more time stamping, but I’m guilty of spending more time blog hopping because I can do it while I’m at work and not get noticed =) I think I manage about an hour or two maybe each week or so creating actual cards and papercrafts.
    Congratulations on your blogiversary! I’m a frequent lurker and always admire your ability!

  132. Sue Says:

    #128 I’m Sue aka Mama Sue on SCS. Love your ides. The time I spend blog hopping vs stamping depends on the week and my need for inspiration. I get your updates sent to my email. Such a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  133. Wendy Says:

    #130. I’m Wendy (wendella247 on SCS). I have to admit, I spend more time lurking and checking out blogs than actual stamping. But that’s partly because we’re allowed to surf at work when we’re not busy–but I haven’t managed to convince my employers that stamping is ALSO a good pastime, so for now, I can only LOOK–not create–during the workday!

    Love your blog candy. Congrats on your one year Blogiversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Crystal Says:

    #131 HI I’m Crystal. I spend more time on the computer. I spend about five hours a week stamping. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  135. Susan G Says:

    #132 I’m Susan and have a SCS gallery but have never posted anything in it. I just love looking at other’s work for inspiration. That probably tells you that I spend waaaay more time blog surfing than creating. Thanks for the chance at some great stuff.

  136. Renee Clark Says:

    I’m Renee Clark. I probably spend 4-7 hours a week stamping and at least that much blurfing!
    Great givaway!

  137. Anita Says:

    Anita Griffin

    I try and spend a couple hours each evening in the craft room making cards. Sometimes I do end up spending too much time blog surfing but it’s so fun to see what everyone’s making!

    Thanks for the chance at your blogiversary giveaway!

  138. Donna Says:

    I am new to stamping so I spend most of my time looking at blogs and trying to pick up new tecniques. Sometimes I just spend so much time SCS I wonder where my evening has gone. But I am so amazed and impressed by the wonderful works of art it is hard to stop looking and start creating.
    Thank you for the wonderful ideas and congratulations.

  139. Nancy Grant Says:

    Nancy Grant

    It is so much easier for me to blog surf than to stamp. Am I bad?! I probably do an equal amount of both… I a guessing I do about 10 hours of each a week. YIKES! That’s a lot!
    Happy Blogiversary!

  140. Jayne Says:

    #136 or #137 since there seem to be two #135s. I definitely surf more than I stamp. You are my inspiration…at least that’s my excuse. I probably spend about 4 hours a week stamping…not nearly enough to justify all the stuff that I have. Thanks for such a great blog and thanks for sharing. Jayne Kroh

  141. Dee Bibb Says:

    post #138….since the previous post was uncertain due to 2 #135’s.

    My name is Dee and I live in Mississippi. I spend a good bit of time blog hopping because I’ve found so much inspiration from many of the blogs I visit regularly. Howver, I do think I spend at least as much time stamping as I do blog hopping.

    I spend approximately 6-7 hours per week stamping. This is mainly because I make at least 5 cards each night and I have my 3rd graders learning to stamp as a fun project at school…so of course, I must stamp in order to show them how.

  142. Tricia Says:

    #139 (going on Dee Bibb’s last post….)

    I am Tricia and I am from Northern Indiana. I don’t have alot of time to blog hop due to work commitments and family commitments, but when a good blog comes my way, I don’t hesitate to look at it for the inspiration and instant mojo!!! I am a collector of stamps (admittedly!). I have been trying to utilize them more frequently on all of my projects which has been challenging for me. Afterall, if I am going to buy the stamps, I better start using them !!!! I probably spend about 1 hour a week stamping.

    Your stuff is the bomb!!!!

  143. TIONYA Says:

    My name is Tionya Byrne. I wish I had more time to stamp than I do. I am lucky if I get to stamp once a week. I had a baby in July and she has yet to sleep through the night or even for a good nap. 20 minutes here and there is all we get. My dh lets me stamp on the weekends while he watches Janah Grace, however, I have to do laundry too! “(
    Happy Blogaversary!!!

  144. Trina Says:

    Trina McKercher
    I try to spend some time stamping every day, but usually even though I plan it, I spend all my time on the computer surfing. I probably surf 3 hours a day, and more on weekends. Way to much if you ask me!!
    I probably spend 10 – 12 hours a week on cards.

  145. Julie A. Says:

    Julie A.
    Hello! I must admit that I spend more time blog hopping than I do stamping these days. I enjoy getting inspiration from so many stampers out there who generously share their ideas and creativity by blogging their creations. Hopefully one of these days in the near future I will get back into stamping more often and surfing the web less! I generally spend less than 2 hrs. a week stamping.

  146. Cathy D Says:

    # 146

    Congratulations to you. On your anniversary. I love your cards. They are awesome.
    I do more stamping than bloging. I love to spend any free time that I have making cards, which is anywhere from 20 – 30 hours a week. I like to blog hop and see all the wonderful styles of all the ladies on Splitcoast.

    Happy Blog anniversary !
    Cathy D.

  147. Karen Naber Says:

    Karen Naber
    I spend way too much time reading and subscribing to blogs. I feel these people are my friends and I don’t even know them– If I decide to go a day without reading them I feel I am missing something. I get so much inspiration and info. from the blogs so I better start stamping up a storm. I am a retired teacher and only stamp for fun but I have to get the Easter cards started– Thanks for a chance to win—Karen

  148. Judy Says:

    I definatly spend wayyyyyy more time blog hopping. I am going to try to spend more time card making now though.Thanks for all the ideas and beautiful cards!!! keep up the great work! JudyRozema

  149. Sharon Says:

    Hi Jami~
    What a great card! I hate to say that I’m *glad* I went back to work, because I actually stamp more now than when I was home full time! I spent waaaay too much time blog surfing and SCS lurking! Now that time is precious, it’s used mostly for stamping with a few minutes to surf a few choice blogs! I’m #149!

  150. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi there. Thanks for the tip on the Generic Dew Drops. I love how they look on the card.


    (Opting out of the Blog Candy).

  151. Bev Says:

    #150 Bev James

    I usually try to do most of the challenges over at SCS so usually make one card a day-time depends on how involved the card is, interruptions, etc. Then I do the blogs, SCS, etc.

    I am sidelined for awhile now-have lymphadema in my left (thankfully) arm. Having massage therapy and have to wear a compression bandage from palm to armpit. Really cuts down on my stamping. Hopefully just for 4 weeks then I graduate to an elastic sleeve which I will have to wear the rest of my life.

    Enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing.

    Bev J.

  152. lacyquilter Says:

    #151 Melody

    Beautiful card and fun stuff to give away. I’m sure I spend more time on the computer surfing than I do stamping. But I still try to get in a couple of hours of stamping every day.

  153. Marilyn Says:

    #151 Marilyn – I am afraid some days I spend more time blog hopping than stamping – but once I actually get stamping and get inspired, that can change. I love your blog site – you always have such great ideas and inspiration! Thanks for giving away such awesome blog candy!!

  154. Marilyn Says:

    Okay – I am #152 – Melody and I posted at the same time!

  155. Kari C Says:

    Hi Kari here…..I believe I am post number 154………honestly?? I spend way too much time surfing blogs and SCS. I always justify to DH that I am gaining inspiration!! lol Not sure if he’s buying it though!

  156. Jennifer Schmitt Says:

    Hi! I’m post 155 and my name is Jennifer. I spend waaaay more time blog and SCS surfing than I do Stamping. What is the matter with me?! I see so many geat creations. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    Jennifer Schmitt

  157. Terr Says:

    Hello there…I am post #156 and my name is Terry. I spend way too much time surfing blogs! That’s where I get so inspired like from sites like yours! Thanks you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas and creations. Sooo inspiring!

  158. Lynda Says:

    I am post #157…my name is Lynda. I blog surf more than I stamp these days, but I am getting a lot of great ideas that may make it a closer race in the future.

  159. Maureen W. Says:

    #158 – My name is Maureen and I surf blogs every single day for hours, I’m ashamed to say. See such beautiful cards and things, but then look at the clock and it is nearly midnight! No time to stamp!!!!! I’m addicted – used to be addicted to stamping until blogs came along. Oh well, it’s fun and there are so many wonderful ideas to store away for later. Thanks for the opportunity to win some wonderful blog candy!

  160. Susan Says:

    I am #159 I have to admitt that I have spent more time blog surfing these past to weeks since I have been stuck at the Y & R studio with my son. I try to spend at least 3 hours during his shooting weeks stamping but it doesn’t always work out that way. Love your stuff!!

  161. Louise Says:

    #160 – Louise
    I surf blogs but nowhere near as much as I stamp, I probably spend 10 hrs a week, crammed between babies, hubby and being an SU demo.
    Thanks for putting such great candy up for grabs.

  162. Nelda Deakins Says:

    #161 – Nelda Deakins, who is ashamed to admit that she blog surfs too much now!
    I’m just so fascinated by the wonderful talent so many of you ladies have, that I just want to gaze & admire each and every card/project you make! Thanks so much for sharing your works! I guess I spend 20 or more hours a week stamping! Love that stamping!

  163. Jen Says:

    #162 Jen Visser 🙂 I surf blogs way more than I stamp right now… maybe 8 hours a week or more. I am not on SCS much anymore…maybe 2 hours a week. And I only stamp maybe 3 hours a week.
    Love your blog Jami! 😉

  164. Lastel/STAMPINSTEL Says:

    #163 Lastel , I seem to be surfing blogs now more then stamping , I have subscribed to so many that it takes forever to read all the emails and make some comments . Probably spend 4 hours a day just checking out blogs .

  165. Marilyn Cline Says:

    #164 – Marilyn Cline – and I spend a tremendous amount of time blog hopping – it’s amazing how fast the time passes when you are seeing so many fab cards, adding sketches to your sketch book, or gleaning inspiration from colors and styles – it’s basically just research!! LOL! I spend about 3 hours a week stamping, unless I can carve a chuck out of the weekend to dedicate solely to stamping, which doesn’t happen as much as I would like for it to happen! Love your blog – thanks for the chance at some blog candy.

  166. Gabriela Duclos Says:

    #165…. am I too late for this??? crossing my fingers that I am not.

    Gabriela Duclos

    I can honestly say that I spend more time stamping and creating than I do blog hopping. Every morning while I drink my coffee I spend 1 hour (or so) on the computer, after which I am inspired to create something.

    Your blog is awesome and I visit it every day. Thanks for the blog candy. It looks awesome.

  167. Monika Says:

    #166… Monika Davis… I am spending way too much time on the computer… looking at other blogs and not stamping! I do try to stamp pretty much every day though… TFS!

  168. Lauren Says:

    #167…Lauren Yang….spent way too much time reading blogs & SCS, but not enough time stamping : (
    I do go sit down and (try to)stamp every night for about an hour, is that even enough?
    thank you for all the awesome ideas & lovely creation!

  169. jackie Says:

    #168 jackie repsher love your blog..spend a lot of time checking out the blogs and scs! do a lot of stamping though and a lot in my grandchildrens scrapbbooks!

  170. melanie pl Says:

    #169 Melanie Perez-Lopez… I spend more time blog hopping than stamping right at the moment due to several things going on. Hope to start stamping again soon! Love your blog!

  171. Theresa Says:

    #170 Confession time. I spend a lot more time blog hopping than stamping. I usually only spend an hour or two stamping a week. Last week was a good week because my sister came for a visit and we probably stamped about 25-30 hours over three days. It was exhausting, but so fun.

  172. Delandy Says:

    Love stamping but must find time to do. Your blog gives me motivation to stamp. thanks!

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