Blogiversary Give Away #2

February 18th, 2008

Wow!  I am overwhelmed and humbled by all of the wonderful comments left on my first Blogiversary Give-Away post.  You guys are so sweet!  Stay tuned for the winner of that give away to be announced sometime in the next couple of days.

I wanted to share a few more things I really loved at CHA.  First my very favorite new paper line was Cosmo Cricket Honey Pie.  I was delighted at how many people I talked to said the very same thing – everyone seems to love this paper with the look of cross-stitch.


The first time I stopped by the booth I was approached by a gal who noticed my badge and asked is your name Jami with no “e”?  I said “yep” and she said “me too”!!!  We had a little bonding moment before talking about Cosmo Cricket when she mentioned that her brother Eric is the designer.  (Hi Jami if you’re reading!).  The next time I stopped by the booth (to take pictures I failed to take the first time – duh) I got to meet Eric himself and tell him that his paper was my show favorite!


My second favorite paper line was Crate Katlin.


I love the texture of Crate Paper and these colors are so yummy!  They just need to come out with a 6×6 pad!

Another product that really impressed me was the soon to be released ribbon trough from Clip It Up.  I got to speak with the designer of this product too.  I don’t have her name written down (sorry), but she was such a gracious lady.  It was a pleasure to talk to her.


You may have seen in the SCS gallery how some people have purchased rain gutters and turned them into holders for ribbon and punches.  Well this ribbon trough takes that idea and makes it awesome with lots of wonderful details. There is a bar to hold your spools in if you want to leave them in and just cut off what you need, but the spools still lift out freely when you need them too.  There is a place for ribbon scissors at each end of the trough.  The trough is exactly 36″ long so you can easily measure out 1 yard of ribbon and it will come with inch markings as well.  How cool is that?  Plus there is a clip it up bar and hooks at the bottom to hook pieces of ribbon too small for a spool – or for other accesories.  The only thing I didn’t care for was that it only comes in black.  I asked if they might have a white version and the gal said that it is a durability issue at this point and the white materials they have looked at are not as durable as what they are using in black.  The other piece of teriffic news is that will also be coming out with a Clip It Up Mini for those of us who just don’t have room for the current large version.

For more of my write ups on CHA as well as posts from several other fabulous ladies be sure to check out the SCS CHA blog.  We are still posting trying to get all caught up over there.

I was very excited to stop by the A Muse booth for two reasons.  First my oh-so-fabulous friend Her Royal Rubberness Julie Ebersole was working the booth and second there were samples of the Elzybells Spring release (going on sale tomorrow).  Unfortunately they didn’t allow photos of the new line, but they are adorable.  And as a huge bonus I got to meet both Linda Carnell and Emily Montenero in the booth. Sweet!

While there talking with Julie a gaggle of my DD/DDA buddies showed up and it was the perfect photo op of us with our Queen!


The back row is Jeanne S, me, Stamps4FuninCA (Tosha), Kittie and the front row is Linda D (seriously – she reallyis that short!  Love ya Linda!) JulieHRR, BadSherry (eyes closed – sorry!)

Good times!

Oh my goodness I just went to get the link for Elzybells and I see that the Spring line is now available for purchase.  Curt got a new phone – a Tilt – for Valentine’s Day and he told me to pick out some stamps.  Those Elzy’s are calling my name!!!  I need some from the Friendship release and some from the Spring release!

And now it’s time for Blogiversary Give-Away #2  🙂


This prize package includes:

Cute plastic pencil case from Marvy Uchida

Package of 60 Fabric Flowers from daisyds

Heart charm

Wood Mounted rubber stamp from G-Rated Rubber Stamps

Clear stamp – Squiggle Arrow- from Pink Paislee

Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll pen (everyone needs one of these!)

To be entered into this drawing please follow these directions carefully:

**Tell me your post # – if the person before you did not indicate a post number then simply look back to the last person to give a post number and take the next number after that.  Anyone not indicating a post number will not be in the drawing

**Tell me your name in your post

**Post a comment telling me your favorite type of stamp projects (cards, scrapbooking, 3d altered art, etc)

One post person for this drawing – you can enter each drawing I post this week – with one post per drawing.  Posts for this drawing will close Wednesday 2/20 at 6:00am Pacific time and the winner will be announced sometime later this week.  Good luck!

Lots more fun to come this week – be sure to check back and send your friends. *wink*  Thanks for stopping by.

58 Responses to “Blogiversary Give Away #2”

  1. Nancy Says:

    #1 – Jami… First off, I love your blog and all the projects you do… And I’m thinking I NEED that Clip It Up when it comes out… I started off a card maker, and I still am, but right now I’m doing more scrapbooking… My kids are in 12 and 9 and I’m 11 and 8 years behind on their scrapbooks… My goal is to have them done in time for Graduation!!! :O) Nancy…

  2. Cathy Says:

    I love the papers. My favorite would have to be making cards and altered items.
    Thanks so much for a chance.
    [email protected]

  3. Linda SS Says:

    #3 – Sure looks like a fun time was had by all at CHA. The papers are scrumptious! I’m Linda and I love creating cards. I also enjoy dabbling in scrapbooking and am hoping to expand more into that also. Thanks for the chance at some more fabulous blog candy:)

  4. Melissa Says:

    That paper is gorgeous! I started out scrapbooking, but over the years got into card making. That’s what I really enjoy doing now is cards, also some altered items. Great blog candy too!

  5. Cheryl Sims Says:

    I think I am #5!! I am enjoying all of your pix. Nice to see faces with the names that I read all the time. I like making cards, but have just got into altering tins, etc and that is a ball too. Never knew I would love crafting so much. Thanks.
    Cheryl Sims

  6. Marlou McCrea Says:

    these are such beautiful papers!!!! and love the new pink paislee stamps!!
    I too love elzybells stamps , they are the cutest, thanks for shaing.

    I live in Northern Ireland, I dont mind if I dont qualify for candy, just thought i would leave a comment 🙂

  7. Cheryl K Says:

    It looks like I am #7 Jami! Thank you for sharing. My name is Cheryl K and I love stamping altered projects. I love cards to, but anything 3D is so fun to alter and change! Thanks again, love your blog and check it constantly!!!!

  8. Linda Peterson Says:

    My name is Linda Peterson—love to make cards, but also scrapbook.
    Love the papers you showed today.

  9. Cindy Coffman Says:

    Believe I’m #9………I love making cards. My name is Cindy C.!! Thanks for the chance! :o)

    Cindy Coffman
    [email protected]

  10. Mary Puskar Says:

    #10 is me! Those papers are just great. Love the Cosmo Cricket especially. Would love to win your great blog candy. You do great work.
    Mary Puskar

  11. Doris Says:

    11 (or 7 not counting the 3 without numbers) I’m a stamper but am a sucker for all those pretty papers. I like to make mini-books as well.

  12. Denise Says:

    #12 My name is Denise. That stamp is hilarious. I can see all kinds of funny things with it now! My favorite things to stamp are cards. I haven’t incorporated much into scrapbooking…yet!

  13. susan Hall Says:

    Hi, my name is susan. #13 I love to make cards, the prize is fabulous. Susan

  14. Lorie Says:

    I’m #14 also known as Lorie. :o) I think overall I’m a card maker. I do like to dabble in 3-d items to as I altered some of the PaperTrey heart tins for my boys for Valentine’s day but really my favorite is cards…they make me happy! I hope to be getting back into scrapbooking very soon as, really, it was my first love. Alright…too much info? LOL! Have a great day Jami!

  15. Jan Hunnicutt Says:

    OMG! The papers are georgous! The ribbon holder is so cool, wow! Congratulations on your blogaversary, I love your blog and check in as often as I can!! =) Gotta go to the Elzybells link now…

  16. Viv (VivLyn) Says:

    #15 – Vivian Peters
    I love to make cards and will scrapbook when I can. Congrats on your anniversary!

  17. Kris A Says:

    I’m post #15…My name is Kris and I am mainly a card maker. I do like to alter tins and scrapbook too but cards are definately my first choice. Thanks for sharing all your pics from CHA… wish list is very long and I can’t wait for this stuff to become available to purchase.

  18. Kris A Says:

    OOPS…I’m actually #16….Viv’s post didn’t show up when I started typing my first post.

  19. Inky Paws Says:

    #16 inkypaws

    My favorite is making cards and gifts or gift packaging. As far as scrapbooking, I wish I actually did, so far I just collect supplies.

    Congrats on your one year anniversary!

  20. Robbie Rubala Says:

    #18 Not sure how to do the numbers since there were 2 #16’s. My favorite actiity is making cards. I love it. With that, you can never have too much in the way fo supplies! 🙂


  21. Michelle Says:

    Those papers are awesome! Cardmaking is probably my first love, but I also like to make tags, altered journals and notebooks, and other fun stuff!

  22. Donna Says:

    #22 – GREAT stuff! My name is Donna and I love to make 3-D stuff (but I don’t do it as often as I do cards!

  23. Susan (rainy) Says:

    Oh those papers are fabulous!! And that ribbon trough is an absolutely must have! Love these pics, Jami!

  24. Hilma Says:

    #24 I am not entering for the stuff…(but will number so as not to confuse anyone)… just wanted to say WONDERFUL PAPER!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Hopefully I will be able to find it here!

  25. Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen Says:

    #25: Wow!!! I love those goodies you are giving away!!! That arrow stamp is ‘da bomb!! Happy Blogaversary!!!

  26. Maile Says:

    #26 Happy Bogiversary!! What great goodies! Thanks for the chance to win. I love to make cards and I do a little scrapbooking too.

  27. Allison Says:

    #27- It’s amazing that a whole year has come and gone! Congrats! I am partial to cards but I have been “expanding a bit”. Cheers to you!

  28. Michelle Nadraszky Says:

    #28 Awesome stuff – so much fun. I love reading your blog daily.

    Have a great day!

  29. Juanita Says:

    I am #28
    I lvoe to do cards. It is such a pleasure to create something (hopefully) beautiful and send it off to a friend.

  30. Sharon in NE Says:

    I am # 30 as there were 29 before me. My favorite project is cards and I love what you do with them.

    Sharon Nordhues

  31. Nancy Fair Says:

    #31 Jami, I love using DP paper for making cards; I love creating (or CASE-ing sometimes) cards, sending them and sometimes getting a thank you for my card.

  32. Tilda Says:

    #32, I love to do it all! I love stamping on everything, one day I will get my DH to stand still ! LOL!~! thanks for your inspiration everytime I visit.

  33. Jane Says:

    I just love the new ribbon holder…when will it be released? Thanks so much to You and everyone who posts pic.s (not only of merchandise but people!) it is great to match faces with posts, blogs, galleries etc.

  34. EmilyB Says:

    I’m #33, my name is Emily Bradley, and I love to stamp cards because I can brighten someone else’s day w/them and you ALWAYS need cards!

  35. Jackie Says:

    #34 – I think! The numbering isn’t going so smoothly 🙂 Anyway, my name is Jackie and my favorite type of project is/are bags and boxes lately. I love to make them, love to collects templates for them! Thank you so much for the CHA peeks – my wallet is in deep trouble when all of this hits the stores.

  36. Lori in KS Says:

    I’m #35, maybe. I love paper & ribbon. I’ve really become addicted to ribbons lately. can’t get enough.
    Lori in KS

  37. Swedie Says:

    I am #36. I like the Altered Art. I enjoy your inspiring projects.


  38. Sheila Says:

    I am mainly a card maker. Sometime I throw in a mini scrap album or altered item. My passion is stamps. I should use them more instead of browsing all the great blogs out there. Yours is great and I visit often.

  39. Jennifer Bradley Says:

    #38 – I really like card making – since i am a slow stamper they are the fastest projects for me! Love all your CHA pictures!

  40. Pam W Says:

    Cards are definitely my favorite things to stamp. I like to make something I can send to someone to brighten their day – hopefully anyway!

  41. Ghazal Says:

    My favorite stamping project is making cards, it’s much easier for me than altering or scrapbooking!!

  42. Marilyn Cline Says:

    I’m #42 if I count correctly. My name is Marilyn Cline and I love making cards with stamps, but they are also a fabulous embellishment in my scrapbooking – no page is complete without some stamping on it!

  43. wendyP Says:

    #43- wendy- Its a toss up between cards and altered gifts. I just recently got back into stamping after scrapping for years. funny thing is I have a really hard time adding stamping into my scrapping.

  44. Judy Saunders Says:

    Your work is breath-taking!!!

  45. Lorrie Says:

    #44 I think! It got off track, so now I’m not sure!!! I love making name frames and covering the tin lunch boxes, but I love stamping anything at all when I get the chance! Great blog, thanks for offering the terrific candy!

  46. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    #45 Oh Jami, those papers are fabulous!!

  47. Connie Pruitt Says:

    #46 I love all the new things you have shown us and enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  48. Angie Says:

    #47 – I LOVE making cards for all of my friends and family! Congrats on your blogiversary and thanks for all the awesome posts!

  49. Shelley Says:

    #48 ~ Jami! What an awesome post!!! I get so excited seeing all the new products! Great reviews you have posted!! So cool to see your fellow DD girls and queen 😉 I think I like the ribbon trough! Well I would like white too….but I guess I will not be too picky if I ever manage to get one!!! LOL

  50. Helen Reiters Says:

    #49 – Hi Jami how are you? I love visiting your blog for inspiration. I am a card and scrapping girl. Love making cards for all my friends and relatives. They look forward to my creations each time. Love the new paper ranges – Oh so nice!

  51. sandie carter Says:

    #50 Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things on your blog. I have loved reading about CHA and all the wonderful goodies you have found. Love thsoe papers too.

    I tend to make mainly stamped cards these days due to working long hours but do venture into making other stamped or paper craft items when time and inspiration (and energy!!) allows.

    Happy Blogaversary – may you have many, many more

    Stamping hugs

    Sandie Carter

    [email protected]

  52. Amanda Says:

    I love cards projects. I also enjoy looking at altered items. They’re so creative and fun and inspiring.


  53. Janet Hoffman Says:

    #52 Janet Hoffman

    Loved the new papers! My favorite thing to do is make cards. Small gift items are fun, but everyone loves to get a homemade card.

  54. Kim Pebley Says:

    Hi, I am number 53…
    I love your blog. I have it in favorites and check it just about everyday! I love your candy.. thanks for sharing…
    [email protected]

  55. Janean Campbell Says:

    Hi! I’m Janean…I’m post number 54…I so love your blog… Your work rock…I love to create beautiful handmade cards for those that I care about.

  56. jackie Says:

    #55 jackie repsher i love to make cards and scrapbook thanks for the great ideas in your blog~

  57. Barb Slaughter Says:

    Post #56 – I love to make books of any kind. TFS your ideas with us.
    Barb S.

  58. Susan N Says:

    If I counted correctly I am Post #57 🙂 I love to make cards, any type. I just fnished thank you cards for a freind. I apprecaite your blog showing new ideas and products. Thanks.

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