Happy Pajama Day!

December 26th, 2007

*happy sigh*

As you probably already know, the day after Christmas is Pajama Day at our house and it’s our favorite holiday of the year!  It all started around our 3rd or 4th year of marriage when I was really sick with bronchitis one Christmas and just feeling well enough to be out of bed the day after Christmas so we played a video game Curt got for the PC and stayed in our jammies all day.  It has evolved into a tradition where Curt cooks a big breakfast and we read and watch movies and sometimes play with our Christmas toys.  *grin*  Gosh…we didn’t even go out to the end of the driveway to get the mail!  If you’ve never had a real Pajama Day without being sick I highly recommend it!

I would have played with some new toys today if my stamp room weren’t completey trashed from Christmas gift projects and cleaning up the rest of the house for company on Christmas Eve.  I’ll need to work on that tomorrow.  Curt gave me some fun things for Christmas including a full set of rectangle Nestability dies, a Scor-Pal, three stamp sets from Paper Trey Ink and a dozen Copic Markers!  Is he cool or what????

I have to tell you something funny about the Copics.  I had made a list of some colors I might want to start with and given him the info to contact Joy at eclectic Paperie if he wanted to get me any.  I’ve agonized for months over what colors to get if I were to start a Copic collection and finally came up with a list of 12-15 colors.  I wrote out the letter/number code and the name of each color.  I also put “Colorless Blender” on the list but didn’t have the letter/number code.  The list of Copics was followed by other random items on my Christmas wish list.  When Curt decided to contact Joy via e-mail he copy/pasted my list of colors except for “Colorless Blender”.  He thought it was a typo for “Cordless Blender” and it somehow got mixed into my Copic colors.  Bwahahahahahahahha!  Everytime I think about it I giggle.  Is there such a thing as a Cordless Blender and if so, would I want one???? *snort*

Yesterday I had one gift left to wrap – it was dinner and a movie for my niece Kira.  I had a gift card to a restaurant and movie tickets and I had a grandiose plan to alter this acrylic box to put them in.  But…..it got to the point that we needed to leave in an hour and I couldn’t even get to my stamp table.  So instead I made this cute little double pocket purse out in the dining room using my new Scor-Pal and this tutorial on SCS.


The picture is not the greatest because I just took a few quick shots as we were loading up the car yesterday.  I had seen this purse demonstrated at SU Regionals in Portland and was thrilled when I saw the tutorial on SCS so I didn’t have to try to decipher my notes.  It’s super easy and a really cute presentation.  It worked out perfectly since I had two items to give, but you could stamp a greeting to put in one pocket if you were giving a single gift card.

Happy Pajama Day!  Lots to do tomorrow starting with actually getting dressed.  Thanks for stopping by!

8 Responses to “Happy Pajama Day!”

  1. Sparkle Says:

    Too cute…cordless blender! I just had to laugh because Colorless Blender was on my copic marker christmas list too…and my fiance didn’t end up getting it for me either. I ended up with a green marker that wasn’t on my list. 🙂

  2. Tandra Boyer Says:

    hee hee Well I was sick all day today with a sinus infection, so I stayed in my jammies too!! Wish I had as much fun as you did!!
    And Black and Decker DOES have a cordless Blender, of all things!! Woulda been funny if Curt had found you one!!!

  3. Debra Says:

    Curt did great!!! Cordless blender story is cute!!! We are having a pj day today. No one HAS to go anywhere. Well, Dave has work, but Jack, Jaclyn and I are vegging. Well, I am addressing envelopes. *rolls eyes*
    Love the pocket purse. That is in my list of things to do.

  4. Lorie Says:

    Hi Jami!

    We do the same thing and stay in our jammies all day on Christmas! It is so fun! Your gift bag is so stinkin’ cute! Your husband is almost as good as mine (refer to my blog for the 12 Days of Christmas!) and the blender…too funny! I’m just know you’ll love the Copics! I got a new set of them too for Christmas. I sat right next to my DH while he ordered them so I got the correct set…LOL!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Sharon Harnist Says:

    Snort . . . cordless blender?!! LOL! I’ll think fondly of Curt everytime I use it now! Glad you enjoyed the day. We stayed around the house, too, but I had to get dressed for workers to be in the house, unfortunately! But at least I got to stay home all day. Happy New Year, my friend — enjoy playing with your new goodies!

  6. leslierich Says:

    Oh, Jami! I got such a laugh out of the cordless blender thing!! Curt did pretty darn good and I think the chuckle he gave you (and all of us) was priceless! Love your little gift bag. Quick and, oh, so cute! Someday I’ll make one, too.

  7. Bev Says:

    Laughed out loud at the cordless blender! Cute. That purse holder is cute too. Great gifts-great DH you have! tfs

    Bev J.

  8. loricraig Says:

    Adorable!! I thought of you alot on Pajama Day – I am going to try that one really soon…like as soon as the kids go back to school… HUGS!

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