I’ve been elfed!!!

November 21st, 2007

How fun is this?  I got this sweet package in the mail!


Isn’t it gorgeous?  I mean it’s incredibly gorgeous!  I’d love to thank my elf, but it’s all a secret.  The “elf” program was cooked up by Leona over at Splitcoast and you can play too – check out the info here.  You just pick out 2 SCSers you’d like to send surprise goodies to and PM one of the coordinators.  The coordinator will then get you the addresses and add your people to the “elfed” list.  You can send out whatever you want.  I’m getting my packages ready to go next week.  What a fun way to spread a little holiday cheer!  It sure put a big smile on my face!

I’m up to my eyeballs in Pampered Chef and Stampin’ Up! orders!  I have some people coming today and hopefully a lot of people coming Friday evening to get their stuff.  It’s taken over my kitchen completely and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of it tomorrow morning when we have my parents over for breakfast…hmmm I wonder how much of it will fit in the bath tub?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving in case I don’t get a post up tomorrow.

4 Responses to “I’ve been elfed!!!”

  1. lisa onestampinmama Says:

    oooohhhh!!! We have the same lovely elf!!! It is so beautiful, I can’t bear to open it…. what the heck am I talkin’ about, there is chocolate in there!!!

  2. Tandra Boyer Says:

    Well that sounds like fun!!! What a super cute tin o nuggets! Lucky girl!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving , Jami!!!

  3. Jusgottastamp - Karen Says:

    Hey!! I got that EXACT same thing last week!!! And here I was thinking that maybe it was you…hmmm….

    I think it’s so pretty that I hate to open it to get any out!!

    So, any idea who your elf is?? I’m 99.999% sure it’s the same elf as mine!!!!!

  4. Dawn McVey (dawnsing) Says:

    Ooohhh……that’s adorable!!! Wow! Congrats….somebody must think you’re pretty special!! 🙂

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