Crayon Resist

November 19th, 2007

I had a few questions on the crayon resist technique I used on the cards in the previous post so I thought I would just go ahead and explain here.  It was so late and I was so tired when I posted that last night that I didn’t give much detail, so I apologize.

For the crayon resist in the cards below I started with a 1/4 sheet of glossy white cardstock.  I randomly stamped the flower and leaf images using SU Classic Black ink starting with the largest image and working down to the smallest.  I actually tried Palette Hybrid Noir ink first, but the crayon smeared it even after some heat setting.  I thought that was strange, but I went back to the old faithful SU pad even though the color seemed a little purple.  I had read that Stazon doesn’t work and I didn’t really have time to try it out.

Once the images were stamped and the ink allowed to dry for a few minutes I used a white crayon to color in the areas that I wanted to end up highlighted in white.  Again – I was really in a hurry and when my cards were all done I realized I had not done that great of a job with my crayon – I missed several places.  You can also use a yellow or other colored crayon which would make it easier to see where you have colored and where you have missed.  But since I originally learned the technique with a white crayon I have one set aside in my stamping stuff and just use that.

I then got out my sponge daubers.  You can use daubers or just quarters of the round yellow sponges or you can even use a brayer for this technique, however to get the look I got on my cards you would need to use daubers.  With the daubers I worked in the opposite order – smallest images to largest.  For the tiny flowers I used Pumpkin Pie ink – inked up the dauber right on my pad and simply placed the dauber right over the little flower and twisted to get a dot effect.  For the rest of the colors I did more pouncing.  In the empty white space I sponged River Rock ink – which doesn’t show up so much in the photo, but makes a big difference IRL.  The color scheme for this piece was inspired by my favorite Dashing Paper and I just added a little Pumpkin Pie as I was channelling Jenn Balcer a bit!  LOL!

Once all the ink was applied and allowed to dry for just a minute or so the entire piece was buffed with a Kleenex – this removed the ink and the crayon from the white highlighted areas.  Voila!  The piece was then cut in half and trimmed to make 2 cards.  You could also do this with a whole sheet for a One Sheet Wonder project, but I find that I prefer working in quarter sheets for crayon resist so I can better keep track of what I’m doing.

I hope this detail helps.  if you haven’t tried the crayon resist technique grab some glossy cardstock and one of your kid’s crayons (who am I kidding?  My crayon came out of my very own box of 64 Crayola crayons!) and get stamping!  It’s super FUN!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for a special post!

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