New Catty Swap

August 13th, 2007

As you know I mysteriously lost my account with Stamping Top 50 after my blog had climbed up to #72.  They never had the courtesy to reply to my e-mail for help, but several other friends were having problems and one of them finally got someone to look into the problem.  The really frustrating thing is that the answer she ended up getting was basically nonsensical and the only *fix* was to start from scratch with a new account.  So here I am at #402.  Woohoo (dripping with sarcasm).  I’m not even sure why I re-installed it, but Curt offered to do it for me, so I figured I would try it one more time.  I hate to be negative and I know it’s just the stupidest little thing to even let bother me….so…..letting it go…deep breath….moving on…

ETA:  since I started typing up this post last night I jumped all the way up to #334!!!!!!!  🙂  I have no idea how that happened, but I guess I need to stop whining for now.  *wink*

I promised to share the awesome New Catty Swap I hosted.   Here’s Round 1 with cards made by:

  • Boatloads of Love – Jessica Newton
  • Wanted – Sue Berker
  • Fabulous Flowers – Tandra Boyer
  • Illuminations – Debra Daam
  • ABC Images – Sarah Moore
  • Haunted Halloween – Linda Nicholson
  • Snowfall – Britta Ward
  • Stem Sayings – Alora Sweetster
  • Priceless – Shelley Cantrell


I started hosting swaps on SCS a long time ago.  Since I really hate mass production stamping I keep my swap groups small – usually 8, but never more than 10.  I hope this cuts down on stress for my swappers and I know it boosts the overall quality.  After my first couple of swaps I started giving a heads up to all my previous swappers when I posted (or was about to post) a swap.  Over time this developed into doing most of my swaps via e-mail invitation.  I send out an invite to all my former swappers with a deadline when I will post the swap on SCS to fill any open spots. This method has worked out great for me and I am so happy with the number of return swappers I always have.  I am a stickler for communication with swappers and am known to be more than a bit anal about my very explicit rules.  I’ve earned the loving nickname “Swap Nazi” – LOL!!!!!  (at least I hope it’s loving!)

Here are the Round 2 swaps made by:

  • Zoofari – Jessica Newton
  • Elegant Notes – Sharlene Wale
  • Punch Pals – Sharon Maranich
  • Bronc Buster – Bev Gerard
  • Garden Whimsy – Taylor VanBruggen
  • Little Flowers – Janine Tinklenberg
  • Batty For You – Sam Carnathan
  • Happiness – Lori Craig


I ask all my swappers to upload their cards after the swap has been returned and to use a keyword so it’s easy to find them.  You can search the SCS gallery for keyword JSWAP707 or you can click here to see almost all the cards indvidually from this swap.  Please go take a look and leave some comments for my girls.  They all worked really hard on these.  My swappers ROCK!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more swap rounds.  Thanks for stopping by.

9 Responses to “New Catty Swap”

  1. Sharlene Wale Says:

    Of course it’s loving! YOU rock!

  2. Amy Says:

    Hi Jami! I’ve never left a comment before, but thought I should this time because the same thing happened to me right when I hit 50, grrrr. I did the same thing, contacted them via email but no one responded. Do you want to know my take on it? Who the heck are they gonna knock OUT of the top 50? I think once anyone gets right down near 50 it blows up because the 1-50 spots are already taken and who are they gonna knock OUT of the top 50? I don’t think their system works that way (bumping people out of positions). In the end, I decided not to reinstall the counter. It’s just there to tell me I’ve got lots of readers, and I already know that and am so thankful for that. I’m blessed, truly. I don’t need the silly Top 50 to tell me that anymore. I used to, but once I set it free, I was fine. I go by the comments of my readers, and you should to! Cuz you rock, you’re work is awesome, and you are #1 in your readers eyes and that’s all that matters! Let it go with a big swift kick in the butt! You can do it!!!


  3. leslierich Says:

    Awesome swap cards, Jami! Your swaps are always the best. Yes, I think Amy’s right about the Top 50 thing. It’s still not working for me. I can’t even get the darn icon to show up.

  4. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    Wow! Jami, your swappers are just awesome. This is a wonderful bunch of cards these ladies made.

  5. Karen (Karen Stamps! on scs) Says:

    Great swaps! What a drag about the Top 50 counter. Sounds like it’s a bit of flaky enterprise from what other people are saying in the comments. I don’t have a counter icon for downloading but your blog is on my Top 10 favourites 😀

  6. Jenny Says:

    this is where I shamelessly (is that a word?) ask that you consider me to be a player of your swaps in the future. (((cheesy grin))). I love to see the swaps that you have been the go to person for. I love your blog, maybe one day I’ll comment on it more often than just gleen inspiration.

  7. Debra Says:

    We do your swaps BECAUSE you are the Swap Nazi!!!

  8. Lori Says:

    Wow….lot of great cards!! Looks like a lot of talent out there 🙂 I LOVE looking at everyone’s creations

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