New Catty **SPOILERS**

June 24th, 2007

***Please do not read this post if you do not want to know anything about the new catty and do not yet have it in hand.***

I want to share a few observations about the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog as well as answer some questions I have received.  First let me say that the catalog is really beautiful.  Something about the layout just feels clean and fresh.  I love the look of the Accessories section especially where the item description is right next to the picture. 

I noticed quite a number of sets drawn in the double line style – some like Double Line Doodles and some like Bundle of Joy.  If you like that style you will be thrilled.  There is no Vintage section this year and yet there are more of what I would consider vintage style than we have had this past year.  In the Elements section there are several things that go along with Baroque Motifs – an updated version of vintage in my opinion.

There’s so much to see – no way I can touch on all of it.  So I thought I’d share some of the sets that grabbed me on first impression.  I don’t always trust first impressions, because I am more the type of person to have things grow on me. Therefore I’m still not certain which things will actually go on my first order, but here’s a partial list of things I’m considering:

Heartspeak – very much my style – outline set to be watercolored – basket of flowers, basket with 2 little birds, heart wreath

Refuge and Strength – finally a nice set with a cross as well as beautiful sentiments to go with it! LOVE this one! Will go nicely with floral sets as well I think.

Boatloads of Love – in the same style as Loads of Love – a tugboat with sentiments “friend-ship”, “I’m pulling for you” and “you float my boat”.  Oh so cute!

Big Flowers -and-
Little Flowers – 2 sets – very much like Big Pieces and Little Pieces (slightly smaller) with a flower motif

Jumbo wheel – Doodle – to go with Doodle This

Garden Whimsy – Very different from my typical stuff – solid whimsical polka dotted images butterfly, snail, ladybug, flower – really liking this one!

Abundant Joy – flowers – kind of a mini version of the old Stipple Hydrangea – 5 flower/leaf images plus 2 sentiments – very “me”

Priceless – hard to describe – 11 images – 2 are small swirls, solid heart and butterfly and flower etc – kind of funky style

Loving all the stuff in the same vein as Baroque Motifs.
The above list doesn’t include holiday stuff, Backgrounds or sentiment sets and there’s a ton more, but those are my initial first impression picks.

Accessories –
Scallop circle punch
Build a Brad kit
Stitched ribbon in all the new In-Colors
On Board Lots of Letters (chipboard)

and so much more!

I was asked about the Christmas selection.  There are approximately 25 Christmas sets (new and old combined) and I really like several of the new ones.  Some really cute snowmen!  Plus I’m sure there will be more in the “mini” that will be out in September.  I was also asked about polka dot ribbon.  This is one of my few disappointments – the only polka dot ribbon is on the Ribbon Originals cards – no rolls – and even there I see only 2 with polka dots.  We do have new rolls of Taffeta ribbon in 8 colors though and I’m very anxious to see/feel that!  There are also some really fun new Designer Papers.

This might sound crazy, but one of the things I am really excited about is that Bud Basics made it to this catty.  I just love using that set and will be so happy to pull it out of limbo and get to use it for at least 6 more months!

I had to laugh when a reader asked if I sent Curt out to Carl’s Jr. for a Diet Coke because it tastes better from there or because I wanted him out of the house!  Seriously fountain soda does taste different from canned soda – way better.  And that was about the best soda I ever had!! LOL!

I sure better get my messy stamp table cleaned off  and ready for all the new rubber! *wink*


Note to customers:  Again I promise to send out an e-mail as soon as UPS delivers the boxes of catties for you!

My New Catty Party is scheduled for Friday July 6th at 7:00.  If you are in SoCal and would like the info just give me your e-mail.  I do require RSVPs for my events.


19 Responses to “New Catty **SPOILERS**”

  1. Angie Says:

    Just wanted to say “Thanks” for the info on the catalog….I’m on pins and needles waiting for mine and so happy you shared yours!!!

  2. Janet Says:

    Could you describe the “Build a Brad”???? Ever since I got the Ticket Corner Punch I have been brad crazy! I am sooo curious as to what this is! Thanks.

  3. Melissa Says:

    Excellent descriptions! And thank you for answering my questions! 🙂

    If I was in SoCal, you can bet I would be there with bells on! Thanks again!

  4. Linda (LSN on SCS) Says:

    I LOVE your messy stamp desk! *wink*. Thanks for your insights Jami. I’m hoping that the mailman will make me a happy woman today in CO.


  5. onestampinmama - Lisa Says:

    you are crackin’ me up with all that stuff on your table and the diet coke *wink, wink*!!

  6. StamperSharon Says:

    You lucky girl — I didn’t know you received your catalog until this morning or I would have been calling you this weekend! Can’t wait to see it all — thanks so much for your first impressions, as I’m sure most of those will also be my favorites!

  7. diane mcvey Says:

    Thanks for the great info, and the fabulous “messy desk” photos! Gorgeous! That’s the most beautiful mess I have EVER seen!!!
    Can’t wait to get my catalog, please let it be SOON!!!

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I’m so envious of you (and….your messy table)! I checked my mail when I got home a few minutes ago and no catty in Central Florida : (

  9. Regina Davis Says:

    Thank you so much for your catalog review. I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy! What is that “Build-A-Brad”??

  10. waterpixie Says:

    You are SO messy! Better clean that up before July 1st!! 😉

  11. Ginna Says:

    thanks for all the spoilers.. I can’t wait to see it in person!


  12. kathy T. Says:

    Waiting…waiting.. waiting…but not patiently!

  13. leslierich Says:

    I’ve learned that when I read the spoilers on SCS I’m still pretty surprised when I get my catty. Our mind’s eyes see things differently and there’s nothing like having it in hand. Your’s are the best and most tantalizing descriptions I’ve read so far. We’ll see…I’m very curious and anxious to get mine in the mail. Where is it???

  14. Cathy B Says:

    Hi Jami, I got my catalog today but read your blog yesterday (well everyday, but that is another story) I love your style and agree with all of your obsevations about the new cattie. thank you for taking the time to share with all of your loyal fans! cathy bastieri

  15. lacyquilter Says:

    Thanks, Jami. I’m still waiting… I’m gonna be seriously disappointed if Mr. Brown doesn’t show up tomorrow!

  16. cheryl Says:

    Love your desk. Have fun with the new catty. It is in my opinion really fresh and fun also.

  17. Dee Says:

    Jami…… So glad to see you are one of the lucky ones with your new catty. Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite sets. I can’t wait to see, several of the new sets you mentioned!

  18. Bonnie aka raduse Says:

    My catty arrived today and I made my son cook dinner so I could look at it. You’re right about fountain soda, definitely tastes better.

  19. loricraig Says:

    Fountain Diet Coke is SO much better than canned or bottled. Here we have Sonic, and I have sent Wes a time or two. When they make the DC run for you, you know they are a keeper!

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