Weekend Movie Review

June 23rd, 2007

As New Catty Frenzy reaches fever pitch with one lone SU Demo in La Mirada CA having received her comp copy yesterday I was in need of a distraction.  You see I am one of those people who does not like to have surprises ruined, so I have been trying to stay away from the *spoilers* in hopes that my catty will come before my resolve breaks down.  So last night Curt and I went to see the newly released Evan Almighty.  I thought I’d give you my little movie review.  You can count on me not to ruin it for you though – like I said I hate having surprises (or movies) ruined for me.

Did you see Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey?  This movie is a continuation on that theme, however to enjoy Bruce Almighty you almost have to be a Jim Carrey fan – which I am.  That being said I really think Evan Almighty has a more wide appeal, so even if you weren’t thrilled with Bruce you will probabaly enjoy Evan.  Curt and I agreed that we liked Evan best of the two.  And it’s kind of funny because I wasn’t sure going in how I would feel about Steve Carrell – he was GREAT!  It is so nice to see a comedy without any bad language and that actually produces some belly laughs!  The story is also nicely balanced between the comedy and a few truly touching moments.  I’m not generally one for slapstick physical comedy, but there is one scene where I (and the entire audience) just laughed and laughed!  And at the end of the movie the audience actually burst into applause!  When is the last time you applauded in a movie theater?

I know there are Christians who will be hesitant thinking it may in some way be offensive or sacriligious.  Certainly we all have different sensitivities in these areas, but I honestly saw nothing objectionable  (and I consider myslef pretty conservative in these matters.)  To the contrary I believe those of us with such sensibilties should be supporting the making of good clean movies like this one.  This movie is rated PG.  The only thing I can think of to warn you about is bird poop – there are a couple of scenes with lots of that.

Bottom line – I loved it!  I’m not one to watch movies multiple times, but I’m sure I’ll be renting this one later to watch again.

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6 Responses to “Weekend Movie Review”

  1. Fran McCllintock Says:

    I just read today in our newspaper that the makers of this movie enlisted families and Christians to support this film.

  2. PJBstamper Says:

    Thanks for the review, Jami. I’ve been wondering about that movie. I figured it had potential to be funny but could go too far – right in to the pathetic category.

  3. savorthejourney Says:

    Haven’t seen that movie yet, but it does sound rent-worthy!
    Have I told you lately that your blog header is simply scrumptious! Every time I see it, I just love it! Have a great weekend, Jami!


  4. waterpixie Says:

    Okay! Maybe I’ll see it in the theatre when you-know-who is gone! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Marjorie Hall Says:

    I have to say that we avoided seeing Bruce Almighty for the longest time because we assumed it would be totally offensive to our faith. We caught it one night a few years ago on cable and we were pleasantly surprised that it was not offensive and actually rather enjoyable. I am glad to hear this new one is not offensive either – thanks for the tip. We have an anniversary AND a babysitter on Sunday, so maybe we’ll head to the theater for some good belly laughs!!


  6. julie Says:

    We had the same concerns going in to Evan, but it was delightful and we took the kids the very next night! Great family movie!

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