Fill ‘er up!

May 27th, 2007

It’s been a busy weekend.  Let me start by telling you about today.  My SCS pal and fellow Dirty Dozen Alum Jody (texasjodylynn) is visiting SoCal on a family vacation.  I got to meet her today at lunch along with friends Taylor and Joy.  *grin*


We ate lunch outdoors at a fantastic little restaurant called The Filling Station, a converted old gas station,  in Old Town Orange.  We ate and talked, walked and talked, shopped and talked.  I am so amazed at the number of friends I have made al over the U.S. (and even outside of the U.S.) through Splitcoast.  I am even more amazed by the number I have been able to meet in person.  What a blessing!

Tomorrow is Joy’s birthday so I made her a little something.  The concept is not mine.  It came from Taylor’s SCS tutorial and Laura’s blog tutorial (check them out!).  I have wanted to make a coaster box ever since I saw Taylor’s first one in person.  Seeing Laura’s pencil holder pushed me over the edge – had to do it!



Most of the supplies are from eclectic Paperie:

Crate Paper – Birdie Collection

medium weight coasters

Daisy Crazy Primas

K&Co. Brenda Walton Adhesive Rhinestones


Sakura Stardust Pen

Versamagic ink – Sea Breeze


Stampin’ Up! Celery Grosgrain

Stampin’ Up! Crystal Effects

Royal Coat

elastic gold cording

Marvy Giga and Mega Scallop Circle Punches

Olivia Alpha and Cuttlebug

I won’t type out all the directions and measurements here since Taylor and Laura did that so beautifully in the links above.  I used Royal Coat (like Mod Podge only better IMO) to adhere the Crate Paper designer paper to the coasters.  I only top-coated the coasters to be used as inside dividers.  The designer paper is double-sided so the patterned side was used for the box coasters and the solid side was used for the divider coasters.  (Side note: Crate Paper has the most wonderful texture and is a really nice heavy weight.  If you’ve never tried it, you really must!) To cut the slits in the dividers I drew a line where I wanted the slits to be and using sharp scissors cut just on each side of the line.  This created a slit big enough for the coasters to slide into one another.  While I sanded the edges of the box pieces a bit, I finished off the top edges of the divider pieces by rubbing on some VersaMagic Chalk ink in Sea Breeze.  This project was much easier than I anticpated.  The most difficult (or maybe just time consuming) part was tying all those little knots…oh and attaching the bottom piece with the CE – that was just a tad tricky for me. 

Now I just have one big problem….I want one of these boxes for myself!  LOL!  I got out all my Prisma pencils for the photo above (before wrapping the box up in cello as a gift) and now they are spread out all over the table just longing for a box of their own to call home.  Perhaps this will be a project for tomorrow.  We’ll have to see if gardening or stamping/papercrafting wins the day tomorrow.  *wink*

On a different note Curt was grilling burgers for dinner and called me outside to see


Petey the Possum.  Remember Roger the Lizard?  We’re pretty sure Petey and Roger are friends.  Now  I DO NOT like possums at all, but Petey is the tiniest possum I have ever seen without a momma.  He was about 5″ long (not including his tail) and he just sat and looked at us when we kneeled down to check him out.  Well he did open his mouth really big to *scare* us, but he didn’t run away or anything.  Eventually he did scurry off.  I’m sure it must be hysterical for those of you who live in the country to see me posting about lizards and possums, but hey – we live in the suburbs.  NO WILDLIFE to speak of at all…so this is really something for us!

Yesterday was my SIL’s graduation.  I’ll share to card I made for her tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

18 Responses to “Fill ‘er up!”

  1. Karen Says:

    I have been waiting to see if you would post a picture of your lunch all day LOL. Jody told me ya’ll were meeting for lunch! I am so jealous! It looks like you had a nice time!

  2. Jan Scholl Says:

    Petey is adorable. I love his little hands. It tears me up to see so many creatures this time of year smushed on the roads. I did see a squirrel run across the street in front of the car ahead of us and make it too. I thougth of the silly commercial where the other squirrel is waiting and they high five each other. I turned to ook and see if there was another today.

  3. andeecate Says:

    Jami, we see possums all the time (since I live in the middle of nothing), they are mean and so yucky!!! *hugs*

    Looks like lunch was super fun!!!

  4. waterpixie Says:

    The box turned out AWESOME!!!

    ACK! On the possum! We only see dead ones around here. Actually, that’s a lie. One night we looked outside and a big fat one was sitting on the fence. You know, that one that’s all broken from being sat on. *gags*

    Glad you had fun at lunch! I’m sad I couldn’t be there! 🙁

  5. PJBstamper Says:

    The box is great! I’m glad that thing wasn’t in my yard – um, I mean the possum, of course!

  6. leslierich Says:

    Lunch looks like fun, Jami, and so does the box! It’s so pretty! We live in a residential area, but on the edge of a “green zone” so the deer, racoons and the occasional possum love our yard. I think these critters are everywhere!

  7. Sencie Says:

    The coaster box turned out super cute!!! As for the baby possum… remember… they grow up to be big adult possums! Yucky!!! (((Hugs)))

  8. Debra Says:

    Your coaster box is so very cute! I am glad you had such a good time at lunch. We get possums here all of the time. Yuck!!!

  9. StamperSharon Says:

    ::waving:: looks like you girls had an awesome time — isn’t that Jody a sweetie? What a cute box — thanks for the links, I had missed Laura’s. Happy Memorial Day!

  10. Karen - Jusgottastamp Says:

    OK…awesome pencil box!! Laura’s tutorial about put me over, too…if I could just get back up there to stamp… *sigh*

    You’re so lucky to meet Jody! I’m glad you had fun!! (Psst…did she have ribbons in her pockets? 😉 )

    Oh…as for Petey, yeah. You can keep him to yourself in the future. Possums! Ick!!! 😉

  11. Jen del Muro Says:

    I am so jealous!!! That is so cool that you all got to hang out!
    Posssums are pretty creepy lil creatures, but this is so sad he was out without his mama. LOL I am sure that Roger is keeping him safe.

  12. loricraig Says:

    Green-eyed jealous stamper here! Y’all look so cute, and I just know you had a *blast*!! Frantic waving here!

  13. Tex Says:

    Totally envious of the lunch! What delightful fun!

    Petey? Petey needs to go back to his momma!

  14. Angela Sargeant Says:

    What a cool idea! I love the colours you’ve used. Looks so pretty.

    Angela in Sydney, Australia

  15. Jennifer Says:

    I’d love directions on how to make these little coaster boxes! PLEASE? :))

    Also, I’ve heard a lot about Pismacolor Pencils & Gamsol — is this your favorite choice for coloring? Where do you find these?

    Jennifer Gray

  16. Sherri aka sherristampsalot Says:

    What a fun time! I met Jody in April at the SCS Dinner in Va Beach…such a sweetie she is! Now when I come cross-country someday, I want to hang out with you SoCal gals! I also need to figure out the Prismacolor.gamsol thing… Got the pencils…just have to find the Gamsol! 🙂 Love that coaster pencil box!

  17. karen (K2) Says:

    Cute pic! It looks like you had a great time! I am very jealous.

    How do you make the inner structure of the box?

  18. Amanda Says:

    Cute picture! I wish I was there! You guys look like you had lots of fun! P.S. Possums are YUCKO!!! and skeery!

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