March 9th, 2007

I went in the bathroom tonight to take a shower and when I moved the hamper a little lizard scurried out!  Boy did that FREAK ME OUT!  I screamed like crazy and Curt was up and running.  I’m not generally afraid of lizards really, but in the bathroom?  Freak out!  I still can’t figure out how he got in there!!!  Curt caught him and named him Roger *roll eyes* before I made him take him out to the backyard and leave him in a flower bed!


11 Responses to “AACCKKKKKK!!!”

  1. Karen - Jusgottastamp Says:

    Awwww!!! Roger the Garden Lizard! How nice. ;o)

    A lizard would freak me out, too. Gotta say that I don’t think that would likely happen with my cats…just sayin’. I hope you were able to sleep!!

  2. StamperSharon Says:

    Aaaaccckkk, is right, Jami! Not very scary, but in the house?!! LOL!

  3. Andee Says:

    I *heart* Roger! I think he is a cutie!!! You big chicken *wink*!!!

    I think Roger should have a house. Yes, a house. He should dine on lettuce and tomatos, in the stamp room. I think he would be much more comfortable there than in the garden. Think about it… would you want to live in the garden?!?!?!? bwhahahahahahahahaha *hugs*

  4. Taylor Says:

    EEEEEEEeeeeewwwwww!!! I definitely would have *freaked*!!! I hate all kinds of bugs, spiders, lizards, etc. I will gag if I see one! ICK!! *shivers*

  5. Sue - stampinsusie on SCS Says:

    Right up there with spiders and snakes!!!

  6. Curto Says:

    We finally determined that Roger was just trying to sell us some insurance 🙂


  7. Shelley ~ photocropper Says:

    🙂 LOL! Roger! I never like the geckos that came into the house when we lived in HI either. Gives me the Creepy Crawlies! Curt you are too funny!!!

  8. Sam Says:

    Awwww he is kinda cute. Maybe not in your bathroom though. 😉

  9. Kim Says:

    I think he’s better looking than the mouse we caught in our basement this morning!

  10. Aubrey Says:

    Ha ha ha! YEAH I am not the only one with a nasty lizard in my bathroom least yours didn’t make you fall off the potty!

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