Tools of the Trade

March 8th, 2007

Having the right tools for a job makes everything go so much more smoothly!  I have a few tools that I keep within arms reach at all times at my stamp table.  I figure anything that makes stamping more fun or easier is worth sharing.  As I was working on a couple of projects today it dawned on me how much I use my little Cutter Bee tweezers and how such a little thing can make me so happy!  They are reverse grip which means you squeeze them to open them or let go of something and at rest they remain closed.  I think I use them almost every time I stamp!  Today alone I used them to separate tiny prima flowers and to place on them on a project.  I used them to place teensy rhinestones.  And I used them to hold an image I while I heat embossed several layers of Glassy Glaze for the cracked glass technique.  (I wish I could share the project with you, but it will be revealed next week in the March Fan Club Gallery on SCS. *wink*)  The tip has a non-stick coating so sticky embossing powder wipes right off. 


Some other things I use them for – dipping buttons in craft ink to change their color, embossing mini brads to change their color, pulling ribbon through small holes, placing embellishments such as buttons when I use hot glue…and I’m sure there are more…like I said I use them pretty much every time I stamp!  So what little stamping tool do you love and use all the time?

ETA: I wrote this yesterday and the forgot to “publish” -*roll eyes* – noobie dork! LOL!  I’m off to work. Happy Thursday!

4 Responses to “Tools of the Trade”

  1. thinkinginking Says:

    I just recently got this same tweezer! It’s great for moving little twinkle stickers too. Jami, I couldn’t find and e-mail button to ask you by e-mail, but do you mind if I add you to my blog list? Thanks!

    Debbie Olson (aka debbiedesigns) [email protected]

  2. waterpixie Says:

    I thought you used your whip the most??

  3. leslierich Says:

    Jami, I have some tweezer thingies similar to this and I use them for exactly all the things you mentioned! It was like it was me writing that post! You’re so right–things like this make stamping life soooooo much easier!

  4. Sam Says:

    oooh thanks for the tip. I will have to try this out.

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